The meeting of the GAC GNSO Consultation Group of Tuesday 15 July 2014 at 13:00 UTC.
06:00 PDT, 09:00 EDT, 14:00 London, 15:00 CEST For other times:
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Proposed Agenda:

1.       Stocktaking/wrapping after the London meeting

a.       GNSO liaison to the GAC

b.      Liaison support through GNSO Council PDP Liaisons

c.       GAC members survey

2.       Work plan between now and Los Angeles

a.       Administrative issues

b.      Day-to-Day WT

c.       PDP WT

3.       AoB

a.       Dealing with other / current GAC / GNSO hot topic Issues

For review:

Updates / Action items - 15/7 meeting:

  • Remind members of call schedule and need to participate in meetings

GNSO Liaison to the GAC

  • Agree timetable for appointment - also taking into account travel planning for LA meeting
  • Update to be provided to GAC during their meeting on 31 July / 1 August on status of appointment

Liaison support

  • Will follow appointment of liaison
  • Will need to managed properly to ensure that expectations are met
  • Possible setting up mailing list following appointment of GNSO liaison to the GAC to allow for conversation - further consider what other or additional mechanisms may be needed
  • Serve as a resource to GNSO liaison to the GAC
  • GAC focus expected to be on those items that affect or potentially affect public policy

GAC members survey

  • Consider extending deadline to the beginning of next month, incentivise participation and send another reminder
  • Consider other mechanisms to obtain input
  • Liaison could also provide regular updates or flag certain issues that may be of interest
  • Share results received so far with the GAC mailing list (not full survey results, but number of participants and relatively limited input provided to date to inspire additional responses)

Work plan between now and LA

  • Consider maintaining same frequency for meetings (every two weeks), with team leads meetings in the weeks in between. Does there need to be a pauze for vacation time?
  • No team lead calls for now, but use mailing list and schedule ad-hoc calls as needed
  • Staff to conduct a doodle poll for meetings throughout July and August to determine availability of CG members

Day-to-day mechanism

  • Go ahead with current pilots (GNSO liaison and group of liaisons) and determine effect of those before moving forward with other items.
  • Also consider joint meetings/leadership regular interaction and possible ideas for improvement

PDP Work Track

  • Amr to connect with Suzanne
  • GAC to look into some of the ideas that were suggested in London such as triage committee
  • Review slides from London meeting


  • Is CG the right mechanism to look into hot topics? - probaby not, this group is focused on process not substance
  • Issues may guide conversations as use cases
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