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Saturday 16 November 2013TopicLeaderPresenter

Q&A session with Council chair applicant
Jonathan Robinson - Candidate statement:

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Vice Chair 

Non-PDP GNSO Metrics & Reporting
What is it about: 
Status update, including presentation of the draft charter scope
This effort will be chartered to review how the community can collaborate with contracted parties and other service providers in the sharing of complaint and abuse data that may also further educate Registrants and Internet users in submission of complaints to the appropriate party. It may also investigate more formal processes for requests of data, metrics and other reporting needs for the GNSO that may aid in GNSO policy development efforts.  For further information please see:
Policy staff member: 
Berry Cobb

Jonathan RobinsonMikey O'Connor
9:4510:00PDP Working Group on Translation and Transliteration of Contact Information
What is it about: 
Status update on the PDP Working Group
This PDP WG is tasked to address the issues concerning the translation and transliteration of contact information. For further information, please see and
Policy staff members: 
Julie Hedlund and Lars Hoffman
Jonathan RobinsonJulie Hedlund

PDP - Protection of IGO and INGO Identifiers in All gTLDs
What is it about: 
Status update, including presentation of Final Report
This PDP WG was formed to develop a set of policy recommendations to address the issue of whether and if so, what types of protections should be provided for the identifiers of certain IGOs and INGOs including the RCRC and IOC at the top and second levels in all gTLDs.  For further information please see:
Policy staff members: 
Berry Cobb, Mary Wong

Jonathan RobinsonThomas Rickert

Policy and Implementation WG

What is it about: Status update on the WG activities to date

Background: The GNSO Council formed a Working Group which has been tasked to provide concrete recommendations on how to address certain issues stemming from the policy & implementation debate from a GNSO perspective. The WG will provide an update on its activities. For further information, please see

Policy staff member: Marika Konings

Jonathan RobinsonChuck Gomes
J. Scott Evans
11:4513:15Open + substantial strategic discussionJonathan Robinson 
13:1514:00Lunch - buffet lunch  
14:0015:00Discussion of Motions
Motions 20 November 2013
Jonathan Robinson 
15:0016:00Preparation for meetings with ICANN Board, Government Advisory Committee (GAC) and ccNSOJonathan Robinson 

Update on Cross Community Working Groups

What It's About: An update on the GNSO's recent decision to convene a cross-community drafting team with other SOs and ACs to develop a set of operating principles for future cross community Working Groups

Background: The GNSO Council had approved an initial set of principles developed by a GNSO Drafting Team in 2012 and requested feedback from the other SOs and ACs. The ccNSO provided detailed comments and suggestions, on the basis of which the GNSO intends to convene a new DT to comprise participants from all interested SOs and ACs, co-chaired by the ccNSO. ICANN Staff has prepared a paper summarizing the draft principles and ccNSO feedback, and will present its recommendations to the GNSO for the way forward in this session.

Who Should Attend: Anyone interested in developing principles for the effective functioning of cross community WGs on policy issues of common interest across SOs and Acs.

Policy Staff Member: Mary Wong

Jonathan RobinsonMary Wong

WHOIS Studies Update

What It's About: An update on the two remaining Whois studies commissioned by the GNSO in 2010-2011.

Background: The GNSO has commissioned several studies on various aspects of the publicly-accessible Whois gTLD data directory system. This session will be an update on the two remaining studies – on Privacy and Proxy Service Abuse, which was recently published for public comment, and on Whois Misuse, which was recently completed and will be published for public comment following the Buenos Aires meeting. The GNSO will also consider how the results of these studies can inform ICANN's ongoing efforts to refine the provision of gTLD data directory services. For further info, please see

Who Should Attend: Anyone interested in empirical findings relating to the Whois system, related issues and ICANN's ongoing work on improving the system.

Policy Staff Member: Mary Wong

Jonathan Robinson



IDN Variants

What It's About: An status update from ICANN staff on the IDN variant program.

Who Should Attend: Anyone interested in the recent development in IDN variants, the Root Zone Label Generation Procedure.

ICANN Staff Member: Naela Sarras - Manager, IDN TLDs

Jonathan RobinsonNaela Sarras and Steve Sheng

Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP) Part D  Policy Development Proces (PDP)
What is it about: 
Status update, including discussions on proposed changes to the TDRP
This PDP WG is final in a series of four IRTP-related PDPs. It tasked to answer six Charter questions, including issues related to the Transfer Dispute Resolution Policy (TDRP). For further info, please see
Policy staff member: 
Lars Hoffmann

Jonathan RobinsonJames Bladel
17:4518:05Standing Committee on GNSO Improvements Implementation (SCI)
What is it about: 
Status update on activities of the SCI
The GNSO Standing Committee on Improvement Implementation (SCI) is responsible for reviewing and assessing the effective functioning of the GNSO Procedures and Working Group guidelines. For further information, please see Home
Policy staff member: 
Julie Hedlund
Jonathan RobinsonRon Andruff
 20:00 Offsite Council Dinner El Mirasol  



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