Item 4: COUNCIL VOTE – Adoption of the Proposed Final Framework of Principles for Future Cross Community Working Groups 

Final Approved CWG Charter 10 March 2014

Initial proposed framework for public comment February 2016:

Uniformed Framework Principles Recommendations 16 September 2016:

Motion to approve a proposed final framework for future cross community working groupsMotions 13 October 2016

Item 5: COUNCIL VOTE – Adoption of Consensus Recommendations from the GNSO Bylaws Drafting Team 

Resolution (Creation of a drafting team to further develop recommendations to implement the GNSO's new roles and obligations under the revised ICANN Bylaws): 

GNSO ByLaws DT’s report and recommendations:

Motion to approve the report from the GNSO Bylaws Implementation Drafting TeamMotions 13 October 2016

Item 6: COUNCIL DISCUSSION – ICANN Board Letter on New gTLD Subsequent Procedures 

Letter Crocker to GNSO Council concerning work on the GNSO PDP on New gTLD Subsequent Procedures 5 August 2016:

Letter GNSO Council to Crocker acknowledging receipt 16 August 2016:

Synthesized Draft response: Input - ICANN Board Letter on New gTLD Subsequent Procedures - 27 Sept 2016.docx

Motion on the GNSO Council Response to the ICANN Board Letter on New gTLD Subsequent Procedures: Motions 13 October 2016

Item 8: COUNCIL DISCUSSION – ICANN Board Letter regarding policy implications of the Final Report of the Internationalized Registration Data (IRD) Expert Working Group 

Letter Crocker sent to GNSO Council following up on the Board’s 10 March 2016 Resolution, 11 May 2016 :

IRD Final Report:  IRD Final Report

Final Report of the Translation and Transliteration of Contact Information PDP Working Group: 

IRD and T&T compare recommendations:


Item 9: COUNCIL DISCUSSION – GNSO Meeting Planning for ICANN57 

Latest GNSO meeting schedule IF AVAILABLE


Item 10: COUNCIL DISCUSSION – Results of GNSO Newcomer Survey 

Results of the GNSO Newcomer Survey: 

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