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Suggested Timeline with Significant Milestones: the Generation Panel intends to divide the work on LGR for the Root zone in four stages. These are organized as follows:

Principles for Code Point Inclusion and Exclusion

Finalization of Code Points 

Principles for Variants

Finalization of Variants

Principles for Whole Label Rules

Finalization of Whole Label Rules

Finalization of LGR Documents for Chinese Script

Release of Terminology for CJK coordination committee and IPJuly 16, 2015Terminology-for-CJKCC-IP-v1.1.txt

Panel Status Information

Script/Generation PanelStatus


  • The Chinese Script Generation Panel has been approved and seated by ICANN on 24 September 2014: Chinese Script Generation Panel official approval.

Panel membership





Language Expertise

MemberChao QiCNNICChinaChinese
MemberChris DillonUniversity College LondonUKChinese/Japanese/Korean
MemberConnie HonIP MirrorSingaporeChinese
MemberDi MAZDNSChinaChinese
MemberGuoying LiBeijing Normal UniversityChinaChinese
MemberHolmes LeongMONICMacaoChinese
MemberJames Seng21ViaNet Group LimitedMalaysiaChinese
MemberJean-Jacques SubrenatATLAC ICANNFranceFrench, English, Chinese, Japanese.
MemberJenifer ChungDot AsiaUSA/HongkongChinese
MemberJiagui XieCONACChinaChinese
MemberJonathan SheaHKIRCHong KongChinese
MemberJoseph YeeAfiliasCanadaSimplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, (Familiar with Japanese)
MemberKenny HuangTWNICTaiwanChinese
MemberLinlin ZhouCNNICChinaChinese
MemberLu QinHong Kong Polytechnic UniversityHong KongChinese
MemberNai-Wen HsuTWNICTaiwanChinese
MemberRyan TanSGNICSingaporeChinese
MemberShutian CuiMinistry of Industry and Information TechnologyChinaChinese
MemberWei WangCNNICChinaChinese
MemberXiaodong LeeCNNICChinaChinese
MemberYuxiao LiBeijing University of Posts and TelecommunicationsChinaChinese
MemberZheng Wang-ChinaChinese
MemberZhiwei YanCNNICChinaChinese
MemberZhoucai ZhangUniHan Digital Tech., Ltd.ChinaChinese mainly

Contact and Additional Information

  • Contact the Chinese Script Generation Panel at: Email recipients are panel members as listed in above. Public archive of exchanges taking place on this mailing list are available at:
  • Integration, existing and prospective Generation Panel members will be subscribed to the following mailing list to facilitate communications on matters related to LGR work and submissions of LGR proposals. Public archive of exchanges taking place on this mailing list are available at:

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