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Trip Assessments should be completed within three (3) weeks of the traveler's return date.

Trip Assessment Form

1) Describe how the original Purpose and Goals were accomplished:

My purposed goals were achieved as follows

  • Learn more about current ICANN in RALO activities in order to perform better outreach in my country through my ALS´s activities

By participating in the meetings in Buenos Aires I learned the current activities that LACRALO was working on. In order to do that I also met with the current Chair, Mr. Alberto Soto and other active members, Messrs. Sergio Salinas Porto, Ms. Sylvia Leite, Fatima Cambronero, Vanda Scartezini, Natalia Enciso, Alejandro Pisanty and some Caribbean members just to name a few.

I taken said information and communicated it in the outreach activities on which my ALS has participated, in conferences and to my students in class.

  • Join an At-Large Working Group

I joined the social media working group before the meeting started

  • Collaborate with the Chair and Secretary in meetings

I collaborated with Mr. Soto during the meeting, assisting and helping him on what he needed and during the organization and celebration of the showcase

  • Any other that may arise from the region´s needs

No other need came up during the celebration of ICANN53 that required my help

2) Describe how the original Outcomes were achieved:


My proposed outcome was to become involved once again in At-Large, attending and participating in LACRALO monthly calls. Getting prepared for outreach activities; talking about ICANN and LACRALO in events where my ALS in participating; attracting new community members to our ALS; Increment participation of fellow countrymen in LACRALO

It was like time didn´t go by. I stop being involves after the LACRALO General Assembly in Costa Rica 2012 that was a major disaster. We couldn´t even agree on the agenda and there were attacks and boycotts between members. Three years after that things remain the same, the largest part of what´s going on are sterile discussions and personal attacks and discussion of policies is the done on the remaining time, despite the great job that LACRALO’s Chair and Secretariat are doing to get things going.

At this time I don´t think I can be an active participant again so I can sadly say that my outcome was not a successful one.

I will still keep doing outreach activities in my country and hope to attract more countrymen willing to work and trying to get LACRALO moving forward.

3) Date Completed:10-Sep-2015
4) Additional information pertaining to this outreach event (optional):
Community Confirmation Section

Note: To be completed by a Pilot Program Coordinator (PPC) designated by this organization/structure.

The Trip Assessment information has been gathered and properly entered into this form.YesJuan Manuel Rojas 10-Sep-2015
The ICANN Organization / Structure's leadership has authorized the submission of this Trip Assessment.YesDev Anand Teelucksingh22-Sep-2015The CROPP RT for FY16 will be conducting a more deeper review of CROPP FY15 proposals and assessments

CROPP Trip Assessment Template v1 (May 2014)

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