This section of the CROPP Wiki space is intended to capture any input, suggestions, or other feedback concerning the Community Regional Outreach Pilot Program (CROPP)-FY15
. All program participants (including travelers, community leaders, pilot program coordinators and ICANN staff) are welcome to provide their observations, suggestions, criticisms or any other comments here. This pilot program is a learning experience. We want as many shared insights as possible to help evolve the program in a manner that supports effective community outreach and engagement efforts. Please see the CROPP Review Criteria for information concerning the types of questions that will be asked at the end of this program phase and to see how your feedback will be utilized.

You must be a registered Confluence User with an assigned Userid/Password in order to leave comments in this space. If you do not have an account and would like to procure one, please contact a member of the ICANN Staff.

To provide your input, please use the Comment space at the bottom of the page, which will accept free-form text as well as attachments (upload). Staff is particularly interested in comments about the program development as well as an evaluation of its effectiveness. Please note that, once a <Save> operation is performed, comments may not be removed except by a Program Administrator.

The CROPP Administrative Staff thanks you for your feedback!

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  1. The community utilization of the CROPP program now exceeds that of the prior year. As we approach the end of this ICANN fiscal year, we are more interested then ever to hear your feedback about the program. We still have much to learn. Please share with us your observations about program successes and areas for improvement.  

    Rob Hoggarth

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