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Trip Proposals must be completed at least six (6) weeks before the event start date.

Person Completing Form:Ali AlMeshalDate:


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Trip Proposal Section

1) Number of Travelers:
(Note: Each traveler uses one trip of the five (5) allocated to each organization/structure).  


2) Traveler Contact Information and Itinerary:

Holly Raiche h.raiche@internode.on.netSydney Sydney Australia23-Sep-201426-Sep-2014
Ali AlMeshal ManamaBahrain22-Sep-201426-Sep-2014
3) Special Travel Circumstances, Arrangements,
Explanations, or Notations: 
(Please identify each traveler, as applicable)
Travelers are aware of any extra nights outside the CROPP program (3 days 2 Nights) will be covered directly by them as well No per dim for the additional days.
4) Event/Conference Name, Title, or Descriptor:PacINET2014
5) Event/Conference Dates:
6) Event/Conference Website Link:
7) Primary Event/Conference Location:
Rarotonga, Cook Islands
City:RarotongaCountry: Cook Islands
8) ICANN Geographic Region:Australasia/Pacific Islands

9) Activity Sponsors:
(Note: all event sponsors must be identified
in order to comply with ICANN travel guidelines).

Cook Islands Government, Cook Islands Internet Action Group, Internet Society Event Funding, USP (as lead in the Pacific Digital Strategy), Pacific Internet Partners, local business community

10) Purpose and Goals:

Holly and Ali have been invited as conference key-note speakers on Pacific related issues connected to ICANN. Holly will talk on the regulatory reform of telecommunications and compliance issues, and Ali will talk on the value of ALS representation from the Pacific to the conference. Holly and Ali will also participate in discussion on policy issues within ICANN, encouraging more ALS participation within ALAC. Ali will share his experience on the Middle East Strategy Group with the delegates. Holly and Ali will also meet Pacific Island government and telecom officials and conference delegates. The goals include: 1. to provide APRALO Leaders with a better understanding of the Pacific Digital Strategy and how this fits in with ICANN activities 2. to promote the multistakeholder model of ICANN in the Pacific 3. To support CIIAG-driven initiatives to promote ICANN outreach activities within the Cook Islands

11) Proposed Outcomes:1. Raise awareness among the Cook Islands and PICISOC community of ICANN and APRALO 2. Provide the opportunity for members of the APRALO leadership team to obtain first hand knowledge of the internet environment of a developing island nation 3. Provide an opportunity for Cook Islands government officials to meet with representatives of ICANN community and to discuss issues of concern at their level (this will be particularly relevant if members of the Oceania-ICANN group also attend PacINET) 4. Increase participation by the Cook Islands community in ICANN activities
12) Additional Information (optional):


Conference of the Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society Theme: “Internet Innovations for Development in the Pacific”

Community Confirmation Section

Note: To be completed by a Pilot Program Coordinator (PPC) designated by this organization/structure.

The participants identified in this application are familiar with the Program Operations associated with this Community Regional Outreach Pilot Program (CROPP)-FY15 and agree to abide by its terms and conditions.YesHolly & Ali10-Jul-2014
The ICANN Organization / Structure's leadership has authorized the submission of this Trip Proposal.YesSiranush 10-Jul-2014
The ICANN Stakeholder Engagement Vice-President has concurred that the Purpose/Goals of this Trip Proposal are consistent with operational plans and/or strategies.YesSave Vocea17-Jul-2014



Program Administration: STAFF USE ONLY
Program RequirementDate Satisfied/ConfirmedInitialsNotes
Constituency Travel Notified31-Jul-2014JDL
Trip Proposal Approved and
Transferred to Official Forms: 
05-Aug-2014Trip Assessment Approved and
Transferred to Official Forms: 

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