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Trip Proposals must be completed at least six (6) weeks before the event start date.

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Trip Proposal Section

1) Number of Travelers:
(Note: Each traveler uses one trip of the five (5) allocated to each organization/structure).  


2) Traveler Contact Information and Itinerary:

Janvier NGNOULAYEjnoulaye@gmail.comYaoundeCameroon28-May-201506-Jun-2015
3) Special Travel Circumstances, Arrangements,
Explanations, or Notations: 
(Please identify each traveler, as applicable)
Janvier will pay for the extra days not covered by the CROPP
4) Event/Conference Name, Title, or Descriptor:The AFRINIC-22 Meeting which will be held from 29 May to 5 June 2015 alongside the Africa Internet Summit (AIS), which takes place from 24 May to 5 June 2015 in Tunisia.
5) Event/Conference Dates:
6) Event/Conference Website Link:
(This link is actually under update by the organizers. New information will be shown shortly)


7) Primary Event/Conference Location:
8) ICANN Geographic Region:Africa

9) Activity Sponsors:
(Note: all event sponsors must be identified
in order to comply with ICANN travel guidelines). 

(This link can be updated by the organizers)

10) Purpose and Goals:

1. Facilitating the Afrinic Board election, as I've been selected to join the NomCom 2015, which will be a valuable contribution to the Community as an ALS member. 2. I am an AFRALO ALS organization and I want to meet other ALS of the region and share experiences with the African Internet Community during this event. 3. Attending to the workshops on some Internet Governance topics during this Summit. 4. Based on the statistics of the two previous Summits, in Lusaka and in Djibouti, the upcoming AIS is a good opportunity to recruit new At-Large candidates. , In fact, from 9 to 21 June 2013 in Lusaka in Zambia, on an average over 400 people attended the plenary sessions, and approximately 130 people from 26 countries attended the AIS trainings. In Djibouti in 2014, the final attendance still reached in the 500’s, with participants from 63 different countries, 40 of which were in continental Africa. For the upcoming session on June 2015 in Tunisia, we could expect in attendance more than the previous summits. Upon this large number of participants expected, there could be 2 or 3 candidates that could be possible At-Large Candidates and I will actively seek to contact those individuals.

11) Proposed Outcomes:1- Certified with knowledge on Internet governance and become a resource person on Internet Governance stuff. 2- Trainer and advisor on Internet Governance topic, available for the Region. 4- Identifying participants from a territory that doesn't have any At-Large presence and seeking to meet with those participants to gain possible contacts from that territory that could become At-Large members.
12) Additional Information (optional):

Community Confirmation Section

Note: To be completed by a Pilot Program Coordinator (PPC) designated by this organization/structure.

The participants identified in this application are familiar with the Program Operations associated with this Community Regional Outreach Pilot Program (CROPP)-FY15 and agree to abide by its terms and conditions.YesTijani BEN JEMAA25-Feb-2015
The ICANN Organization / Structure's leadership has authorized the submission of this Trip Proposal.YesAziz Hilali25-Feb-2015
The ICANN Stakeholder Engagement Vice-President has concurred that the Purpose/Goals of this Trip Proposal are consistent with operational plans and/or strategies.YesPierre Dandjinou25-Feb-2015



Program Administration: STAFF USE ONLY
Program RequirementDate Satisfied/ConfirmedInitialsNotes
Constituency Travel Notified10-Mar-2015JDLHave asked traveller Janvier to provide venue and hotel information, as well as exact date for ICANN to start trip on, as he is planning to cover extra days on his own
Trip Proposal Approved and
Transferred to Official Forms: 
12-Mar-2015Trip Assessment Approved and
Transferred to Official Forms: 

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