Members:  Katrina Sataki, David McAuley, Svitlana Tkachenko, Dejan Djukic, Sean Copeland, Young-eum Lee, 

Staff:   Bart Boswinkel, Kim Carlson

Apologies: Mirjana Tasić and Stephen Deerhake

Agenda:  Guidelines Review Committee.pdf

Recording:  Zoom playback


Chat transcript:

04:00:51 From Kimberly Carlson : Hello and welcome to today’s GRC teleconference on 9 December at 12:00 UTC. In the interest of time, attendance will be taken by those on Zoom. Apologies: Mirjana Tasić and Stephen Deerhake. Calls are recorded and recording will be posted on the public wiki: As a reminder, please mute your phones and mics when not speaking to avoid background noise.
04:04:01 From Kimberly Carlson : Stephen is an apology for today’s call
04:04:37 From David McAuley (Verisign) : that would be a shame
04:05:42 From David McAuley (Verisign) : That's for sure, lesson learned on early support
04:06:02 From David McAuley (Verisign) : I'll mention that to GNSO drafting team
04:08:30 From David McAuley (Verisign) : That's a great idea and a big task - I have several ideas for IRP section - minor tweaks
04:11:48 From David McAuley (Verisign) : a natural aftermath of IANA transition
04:11:59 From David McAuley (Verisign) : that guidelines are growing
04:12:54 From Young-eum Lee : Generally agree that we should try to consolidate
04:26:53 From David McAuley (Verisign) : I apologize for not yet reviewing this - was traveling almost nonstop since ICANN 66
04:27:56 From David McAuley (Verisign) : That seems a good solution, simple majority support seems fair
04:31:50 From David McAuley (Verisign) : thanks Bart
04:31:54 From David McAuley (Verisign) : seems fair to me
04:47:27 From David McAuley (Verisign) : I think that's right
04:53:53 From David McAuley (Verisign) : fair point Bart
04:55:41 From David McAuley (Verisign) : will do
04:59:34 From David McAuley (Verisign) : The previous slide really shows the challenge
05:00:00 From Bart Boswinkel : These ar ether principles the meembership agreed upon in 2004
05:01:42 From Bart Boswinkel : See:
05:02:43 From Bart Boswinkel : You may note that all points have been adressed
05:03:35 From Bart Boswinkel : have not been addressed
05:12:51 From David McAuley (Verisign) : Just that clean up seems wise
05:14:02 From Young-eum Lee : That would definitely help.
05:14:44 From David McAuley (Verisign) : Mind the gap
05:15:08 From David McAuley (Verisign) : Thanks Katrina and Bart for these ideas and help
05:16:49 From Kimberly Carlson : We will schedule the call on the 13th for 90 minutes
05:17:45 From David McAuley (Verisign) : Is that first day
05:17:55 From Kimberly Carlson : Saturday is “officially” day 1
05:17:58 From David McAuley (Verisign) : I can plan to be there Saturday
05:18:03 From Young-eum Lee : Will try to schedule my trip accordingly
05:18:18 From Joke Braeken : saturday 7 March = day 1
05:18:22 From Svitlana Tkachenko : i’ll try to come
05:18:25 From Sean Copeland : Ill suspect I will be there for Saturday
05:18:25 From Dejan Djukic : Not sure
05:18:57 From Kimberly Carlson : Block 2
05:19:03 From Kimberly Carlson : yes
05:19:14 From David McAuley (Verisign) : OK - good info for planning
05:19:35 From David McAuley (Verisign) : None here
05:19:58 From Young-eum Lee : Happy holidays!
05:20:00 From David McAuley (Verisign) : Thanks Katrina, Bart, Kim, Joke - happy holidays all
05:20:02 From Kimberly Carlson : Thank you all, bye

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