Members:  Katrina Sataki, Jian Zhang, Young-eum Lee, Jannett Ibanez, David McAuley, Mamothokoane Tlali, Mirjana Tasic, Svitlana Tkachenko

GNSO Guests:  Heather Forrest, Maxim Alzoba

Staff:  Bart Boswinkel, Julie Hedlund, Ariel Liang, Kimberly Carlson

Apologies: Dejan Đukić, Stephen Deerhake


  1. Welcome and roll call
  2. Special IFR: GNSO Support Staff
  3. AOB
  4. Closure

Recording:  Zoom


Chat transcript:

06:00:27 From Kimberly Carlson : Welcome to today’s GRC call on 29 April at 12:00 UTC. We have apologies from Dejan Đukić, Stephen Deerhake. As a reminder, when not speaking, to keep your phones and microphones muted. These calls are recorded.
06:02:32 From hforrest : Hi Bart and ccNSO colleagues!
06:02:43 From Maxim Alzoba : Hello All!
06:15:04 From Maxim Alzoba : As I understand - the timeframe for reaction in relation to Special IFR should be quite short (hours preferably, not days)
06:17:01 From David McAuley : coordination and 'meaningful consultation'
06:17:32 From David McAuley : I do every once in a while Bart
06:20:17 From David McAuley : Amen, Katrina, Annex Dis extraordinarily complex
06:24:40 From David McAuley : Thanks Katrina
06:34:06 From Heather Forrest : I agree that it is important to seek clarification on this point - can staff please help us initiate this?
06:34:30 From bart.boswinkel : No Problem
06:34:40 From Heather Forrest : Thanks Bart
06:36:25 From bart.boswinkel : The remedial action procedures can be found at:
06:40:02 From Heather Forrest : The ccNSO and GNSO shall have considered the outcomes of the processes set forth in the preceding clauses (i) and (ii) and shall have conducted meaningful consultation with the other Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees with respect to the PTI Performance Issue and whether or not to initiate a Special IFR
06:40:59 From Heather Forrest : 18.12(a)iii)
06:41:20 From bart.boswinkel : (b) Each Special IFR shall be conducted by an IFRT and shall follow the same procedures and requirements applicable to Periodic IFRs as set forth in this Section 18, except that:
06:41:43 From Heather Forrest : @Bart - can I respond to that?
06:43:05 From Heather Forrest : It makes no sense based on 18.12(a) for Board to start a SIFR
06:43:51 From bart.boswinkel : Section 18.1. IANA NAMING FUNCTION REVIEW

The Board, or an appropriate committee thereof, shall cause periodic and/or special reviews (each such review, an "IFR") of PTI's performance of the IANA naming function against the contractual requirements set forth in the IANA Naming Function Contract and the IANA Naming Function SOW to be carried out by an IANA Function Review Team ("IFRT") established in accordance with Article 18, as follows:
06:44:03 From Heather Forrest : @Bart and Julie - can this also be clarified with the support staff from Accountability?
06:45:15 From Heather Forrest : Let's check with legal
06:46:02 From julie.hedlund : @Heather: We can definitely get clarification.
06:46:12 From David McAuley : Subsection (c) seems to confuse the initiation of a special IFR
06:46:48 From David McAuley : As to clarifying what is a 'GNSO Supermajority' I see that as unfortunate drafting and think it means GNSO 'Council' Supermajority - see section 18.12(d)
06:47:17 From Heather Forrest : Certainly GNSO Council supermajority
06:47:37 From Heather Forrest : The Council acts on behalf of GNSO in all EC matters
06:48:09 From Heather Forrest : Good spot, David - we'll follow up within our DT
06:48:18 From julie.hedlund : @David: Legal has clarified that GNSO Supermajority does mean GNSO Council Supermajority.
06:48:31 From Heather Forrest : Should we return to the last of Julie's slide with questions?
06:48:35 From David McAuley : Thanks Julie -
06:49:01 From Young-eum Lee : Basically, I think the ccNSO agrees with the GNSO in saying that the initiation of the special IFR should follow a different principle, but this is an important issue that needs to be clarified via legal council.
06:49:04 From Maxim Alzoba : in there is always a reference to GNSO Voting Supermajority(done in GNSO Council)
06:50:27 From David McAuley : my phon eblanked for a moment - did you include clarification on manner of 'initiation' of special IFR Bart
06:51:09 From julie.hedlund : @David: Yes, that is included. Thanks!
06:51:16 From David McAuley : Thanks
06:52:41 From David McAuley : Good point Katrina
06:54:18 From bart.boswinkel : + one liaison from GNSO Council
06:57:21 From Maxim Alzoba : thanks all! I have to drop for another call
06:57:35 From Maxim Alzoba : will read the rest via the transcript
06:57:39 From bart.boswinkel : 1. Seek clarification on certain areas
06:57:56 From bart.boswinkel : 2. Design simple process
06:57:59 From julie.hedlund : GNSO Support staff can develop some questions for the GRC/ccNSO based on a checklist of actions that the GNSO and ccNSO need to take
06:58:22 From Heather Forrest : That would be very helpful, Julie, and thanks Bart for the list of action items
06:58:46 From bart.boswinkel : 3. decisions to be taken + criteria
06:58:54 From bart.boswinkel : as part of process
06:59:03 From Heather Forrest : All good, many thanks!
06:59:04 From bart.boswinkel : documentation required
06:59:24 From David McAuley : agreed
06:59:41 From Ariel Liang : Thanks for having me during this call! I have to drop off the call now to join another one
06:59:42 From Young-eum Lee : thanks, everyone!
06:59:46 From Heather Forrest : Thanks everyone!
06:59:57 From Mamo : bye
06:59:59 From Sean Copeland : bye

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