Members:  Stephen Deerhake, Eberhard Lisse, Barrack Otieno, Kristina Hakobyan, Nick Wenban-Smith, Allan MacGIllivrey, Danko Jevtovic, Sean Copeland, Brent Carey, Barrack Otieno

Participants:  Vadim Mikhaylov

Observers and experts:  Jaap Akkerhuis, Kim Davies, Naela Sarras

Staff:  Bart Boswinkel, Bernie Turcotte, Kim Carlson

Apologies:  Peter Van Roste, Patricio Poblete




Recordings:  Zoom

Transcript:  EN

Chat Transcript:

22:00:22 From Kimberly Carlson : Welcome to today’s cc PDP on Retirement call on 28 February at 05:00 UTC. Apologies have been received from: Peter Van Roste, Nick Wenban-Smith, Patricio Poblete
22:01:44 From Danko Jevtovic : Morning
22:03:29 From Kimberly Carlson : Nick, I see you were able to join
22:05:45 From Joke Braeken : If you would like to follow the live note taking during today’s PDP retirement WG (28 February at 05:00 UTC), please go to
22:07:24 From nickw : Hi yes I'm here but I have a hungry dog who thinks it is breakfast time!
22:09:42 From Stephen Deerhake : Nick, please feed your dog. I will feel guilty if he/she isn't fed because of this meeting! ;-)
22:10:06 From Barrack Otieno : :-)
22:11:16 From nickw : done :)
22:13:20 From Eberhard Lisse : I am just writing this for the record, the point is not to run the ccTLD, but to keep the domain names working, ie something like Registry of Last Resort
22:15:04 From Sean Copeland : I agree with that
22:15:19 From naela.sarras : Agree with Nick and Eberhard as long as the document is written with future proofing in mind
22:15:21 From Barrack Otieno : Agree with El
22:16:32 From nickw : the last resort registry operator (as currently organised) is quite a detailed and complicated process, ie what exactly triggers the switch over, who decides that etc
22:18:14 From Eberhard Lisse : I think it makes really good sense, to get the “policy” more or less to mean what we want it to mean :-)-O, and when we are at a stage that we can all live with that we’ll go though this with a very find comb.
22:20:10 From Eberhard Lisse : I personally am also a stickler for terminology in all documents we produce, but as long as we are watermarking everything as Draft that is visible to the outside, I am not so worried about wrong terminology.
22:21:05 From Danko Jevtovic : seems ok
22:21:37 From Barrack Otieno : No comments from me , in agreement.
22:33:24 From Eberhard Lisse : Nick, I give PTI credit for good faith
22:34:16 From nickw : agreed EL, that theme runs through this, I just like to see it in black and white :)
22:37:25 From Danko Jevtovic : thanks
22:39:20 From Allan MacGillivray : Bernie - I agree, but let's leave the question in the document.
22:39:56 From nickw : may be we should keep a parking lot list of periperhal issues e.g the transparency so they don't get forgotten?
22:41:16 From Danko Jevtovic : current text is ok, my reminder was for the benefit of "brackets" around mutualy agreed
22:41:46 From Danko Jevtovic : yes
22:47:08 From bart.boswinkel : It is 2 blocks
22:47:11 From bart.boswinkel : 3 hours
22:47:14 From Danko Jevtovic : "Kobe International Community Center"
22:47:45 From Joke Braeken : cc PDP on Retirement [] | 1515-1830 (blocks 4 & 5) | Room 403 (KICC) |
22:47:51 From naela.sarras : @Kimberly will you be sending a meeting invite with the Kobe session details?
22:48:10 From Kimberly Carlson : Naela, calendar invites were sent
22:48:22 From Kimberly Carlson : I will forward to you
22:48:29 From sveta : will remote participation be available?
22:48:41 From Kimberly Carlson :
22:48:53 From Joke Braeken : Yes, Svitlana. I pasted the link in the chat earlier
22:48:58 From Kimberly Carlson : Yes, remote participation is available
22:49:03 From sveta : Thank you!
22:49:07 From naela.sarras : Found it. Thanks Kimberly
22:49:12 From Kimberly Carlson : NP
22:50:50 From bart.boswinkel : I’ll provide you update of schedule and overview of steps based on PDP
22:51:23 From bart.boswinkel : which could be used for members meeting as well
22:51:54 From nickw : thanks Bart
23:03:22 From nickw : that would be perfect Eberhard
23:03:51 From Joke Braeken : Action item:
Bart to provide schedule overview, and overview of the steps, based on the PDP. This could be used for the Members Meeting as well.
23:04:20 From Eberhard Lisse : I forgot to mention that we should include for the members briefing
23:04:37 From nickw : good, sounds like a great plan
23:05:06 From Eberhard Lisse : We’ll work on the Members’ Brief on Sunday after the F2F
23:06:07 From Bernard : Allan hand
23:12:13 From Eberhard Lisse : Nick calls are scheduled for up to 90 minutes, though we usually try for 60 :-)-O
23:12:54 From Joke Braeken : A short briefing about the work of the PDP-ret is included in the session summaries, published here:
23:13:21 From Joke Braeken : You will be able to find a link to that document on the wiki with the ccNSO Members Meeting agenda:
23:13:41 From Joke Braeken : All links were shared with the members and ccTLD community mailing lists yesterday
23:14:08 From Eberhard Lisse : My experience is that pre-briefing does not make much difference.
23:14:18 From Eberhard Lisse : But, as Joke has said, it has been done already
23:15:26 From Joke Braeken : Happy to incorporate further edits into that briefing document, if any.
23:15:29 From nickw : @el I'm sure you're right about that, I'd just feel better if we do that
23:16:16 From Eberhard Lisse : Nick, it’s done already in a sense, but we can of course try to email out the slides on Monday, for Tuesday.
23:18:17 From Barrack Otieno : No AOB from me
23:18:19 From Brent : no
23:18:29 From Bernard : not here
23:18:31 From Eberhard Lisse : going, going, gone :-)-O
23:18:32 From Kimberly Carlson : It means i'm recording the call
23:18:33 From Bernard : bye all
23:18:51 From Danko Jevtovic : thanks *.*, see you in Kobe
23:18:52 From Brent : see you in Kobe; may have some governors in tow...
23:18:53 From Kimberly Carlson : Thank you everyone, safe travels. See you soon
23:18:54 From Allan MacGillivray : Bye all see you in Kobe.
23:18:55 From naela.sarras : bye all
23:18:59 From Kristina Hakobyan : thank you, see you in Kobe
23:19:02 From bart.boswinkel : Bye all
23:19:04 From Joke Braeken : thank you all, Bye.
23:19:04 From Vadim Mikhaylov : Goodbye
23:19:10 From nickw : thanks and bye

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