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ccNSO Members Meeting • ICANN64 • Kobe, Japan

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DAY 1 • Tuesday, 12 March 2019 • Room: Ohwada A Participate remotely 


ccNSO Members Meeting: Introduction | Session chair: Katrina Sataki (.lv)

  • Opening and welcome. Katrina Sataki (.lv)
  • Welcome by the local ccTLD manager. Hirofumi Hotta (.jp)
  • ccNSO Members Meeting highlights. Alejandra Reynoso (.gt)

ccNSO Working Group updates | Session chair: Barrack Otieno (.AFTLD)

  • TLD-OPS Update. Jacques Latour (.ca), Régis Massé (.fr)
  • Cross-Community Working Group (CCWG) new gTLD Auction Proceeds. Ching Chiao (CCWG co-chair)
  • Strategic and Operational Planning Standing Committee (SOPC). Giovanni Seppia (.eu)
  • Guidelines Review Committee (GRC): overview work items and next steps, including the implementation CCWG Accountability WS2 Recommendations with respect to diversity and SO/AC accountability. Katrina Sataki (.lv)
10:15-10:30Coffee break
10:30-11:00How to shape ccNSO Members Meetings during Policy Forums - Preparing for ICANN65 | Session chair: Giovanni Seppia (.eu)

Joint meeting: ccNSO & ICANN Board


12:00-13:30Lunch break

Policy session | Session chair: Patricio Poblete (.cl)

  • Update Empowered Community Administration (ECA). Stephen Deerhake (.as)
  • Update PDP retirement WG. Stephen Deerhake (.as)
  • Current state of affairs WT5 and related topics from WT 1-4. Nick Wenban-Smith (.uk). Also invited: Cheryl Langdon-Orr and Jeff Neuman (PDP WG Co-Chairs)
  • Update regarding the ccNSO Internet Governance Liaison Committee. Katrina Sataki (.lv)
  • IDN ccTLD Recommended Policy Review. Bart Boswinkel (ccNSO), Katrina Sataki (.lv)
15:00-15:15Coffee break

IANA naming function session | Session chair: Abdalla Omari

  • Public Technical Identifiers (PTI) Board update: Lise Fuhr, Wei Wang
  • PTI update: Kim Davies (ICANN)
  • IANA Function Review Team (IFRT) Trang Nguyen (ICANN)
  • Customer Standing Committee (CSC) update: Byron Holland (.ca)
  • CSC Effectiveness Review. Philippe Fouquart (GNSO)
  • Root Zone Evolution Review Committee (RZERC) update: Peter Koch (.de)

Study Group on emoji as second level domains: presentation draft report | Session chair: Peter Koch (.de)


Update on the ccNSO organisational review

community consultation by the independent examiner. Kristy Buckley, Mallorie Bruns (Meridian Institute)

DAY 2 • Wednesday, 13 March 2019 • Room: Ohwada A Participate remotely 


(NEW timing) ccTLD News session | Session chair: Barbara Povše (.si)

  • Promotional activities for .id. Andi Budimansyah (.id)
  • Promotional activities for .tw. Ai-chin Lu (.tw)
  • The customer service as a value proposition. Ivy Contreras (.gt)
10:15-10:30Coffee break

Joint meeting: ccNSO & GAC || Room: Ohwada B || participate remotely.


  • status report ccNSO Retirement Policy Development Process (PDP) Working Group

  • DNS over https

  • Discussion on the future scheduling of the joint meetings between the ccNSO and GAC


Regional Organisations update | Session chair: Leonid Todorov (APTLD)

  • AFTLD. Barrack Otieno
  • CENTR. Peter van Roste
  • LACTLD. Miguel Ignacio Estrada
  • APTLD. Leonid Todorov
12:10-13:30Lunch break

(NEW timing) Legal Session | Session chair: Eduardo Santoyo (.co)

  • The impact of the transparency law for .cl. Patricio Poblete (.cl)
  • Notice & action procedure for .be domain names. Peter Vergote (.be)
  • Dealing with illegal content within .no. Ann-Cathrin Marcussen (.no)
  • What are the legal issues African ccTLDs are facing? Barrack Otieno (AFTLD), Abdalla Omari
15:00-15:15Coffee break

Financial contributions session | Session chair: Alejandra Reynoso (.gt)

Consultation on the proposed ICANN invoicing procedure, related to financial contributions by ccTLDs to ICANN. Xavier Calvez (ICANN), Becky Nash (ICANN)


Session with ccNSO appointed ICANN Board members | Session chair: Jordan Carter (.nz)

  • Chris Disspain, Nigel Roberts
    Also invited: Becky Burr, Danko Jevtovic, Lito Ibarra

ccNSO Council meeting || Room: Emerald || participate remotely


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