Participants: Ben Fuller, Christelle Vaval, Eduardo Santoyo, Katrina Sataki, Martin Boyle, Stephen Deerhake

Staff:  Bart Boswinkel, Kim Carlson, 

Apologies:  Alejandra Reynoso, David McAuley


- Welcome and Roll Call
- Guideline Council Election Porcedure: next steps
- Second reading Travel Funding Guideline (Joke)& next steps
- Rejection Action Procedure: progress to date (Stephen)
- IRP update (David McAuley)
- Work Plan: what do we need to do when?
- Closure


Recording:  Mp3

Chat Transcript:

Kimberly Carlson:Good morning Stephen
Bart Boswinkel:Hi Stephan
Christelle Vaval:good morning
Kimberly Carlson:Good morning
Joke Braeken:hello everyone.
Ben Fuller:Hi everyone
Eduardo Santoyo:Good Morning
Bart Boswinkel:Hi All
Martin Boyle, Nominet:Hi all
Stephen Deerhake:Good morning.
Martin Boyle, Nominet:sorry
Stephen Deerhake:#9 might cause a problem with the NA region...
Ben Fuller:We could get a list of the recommendations then decide which we might want to consider before/after Abu Dhabi
Joke Braeken:I have noted the action item, and will follow up asap.
Stephen Deerhake:(Thanks Martin! ;-) )
Martin Boyle, Nominet:no, not me!
Stephen Deerhake:Yes Bart, that would be useful.
Martin Boyle, Nominet:very useful, thanks Bart
Martin Boyle, Nominet:agree with Bart
Martin Boyle, Nominet:weighting is a very blunt tool
Joke Braeken:we could add an additional criterion: the applicant is an important contributor to the ccNSO ?
Stephen Deerhake:I like that, Joke.
Ben Fuller:Good idea Joke
Martin Boyle, Nominet:@Bart: yes!
Martin Boyle, Nominet:That was what I was trying to say
Christelle Vaval:I agree with you Bart. the most important is to remove subjectivity as much as possible
Eduardo Santoyo:good idea...
Christelle Vaval:agree
Joke Braeken:Wed 8 Nov – Wed 22 Nov: Call for applications for ICANN61
Joke Braeken:understood.
Joke Braeken:Young-eum, Christelle, Souleymane
Stephen Deerhake:Agree with Bart regarding 4.1
Ben Fuller:That assumes I am sane Stephen!
Katrina Sataki:In a mad world, only the mad are sane...
Ben Fuller::-D
Stephen Deerhake:Got it down to 12 pages...
Stephen Deerhake:Director removal Guideline will be based on Rejection Guideline...
Stephen Deerhake:What is "ccNSO as Petitioned Decisional Participant"?
Stephen Deerhake:That's covered in the Rejection Guideline draft about to be circulated.
Bart Boswinkel:Yes
Bart Boswinkel:that is what I meant
Bart Boswinkel:needs to be updated
Bart Boswinkel:as wel as for example section 6.1 related material
Stephen Deerhake:Can I get a copy of the GRC Outline mode.pdf? I cannot seem to cut/paste it.
Christelle Vaval 2:yes
Martin Boyle, Nominet:i can't do that
Ben Fuller:fine with me
Ben Fuller:Baye all
Christelle Vaval 2:thank you
Stephen Deerhake:I might be in a silver tube that day...
Bart Boswinkel:@ Stephen wil sendit
Stephen Deerhake:Bye all.
Bart Boswinkel:Bye all
Mirjana Tasic .rs:Bye all
Kimberly Carlson:thanks all, bye
Martin Boyle, Nominet:thanks all & bye
Joke Braeken:thank you. Bye
Katrina Sataki:thank you! bye!

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