Members:  Katrina Sataki, Stephen Deerhake, David McAuley, Dejan Djukic, Jian Zhang, Martin Boyle, Mirjana Tasic, Sean Copeland

Staff:  Bart Boswinkel, Kimberly Carlson

Apologies:  Segun Akano (connection issues)

Agenda:  Agenda.pdf

Recording:  AC


Chat transcript:

Kimberly Carlson:Hi all, welcome to today's GRC call on 25 Feb @13:00 UTC
Mirjana Tasic .rs:Hi all!
Kimberly Carlson:Hi Mirjana
David McAuley:Hello all, I also just dialed in
David McAuley:Good morning Bart
David McAuley:Hello Katrina
Joke Braeken:hello everyone
Stephen Deerhake:Good afternoon Joke.
David McAuley:I do
David McAuley:like the action items listed like this
Stephen Deerhake:I like the format Bart.
Kimberly Carlson:Hi Martin, glad you were able to join
Martin Boyle:Hi: sorry I'm late. Some AC probs
Stephen Deerhake:Martin, don't blame AC. Blame Brexit.
Kimberly Carlson:we're on item #2 - review of action items
Martin Boyle:Thanks Kim
Martin Boyle:And Stephen, if I could, I would!
David McAuley:none here
Stephen Deerhake:Looks good and reoresents a lot of work!
Stephen Deerhake:+1 Bart.
David McAuley:good idea, Bart
Joke Braeken:sorry that was me
Martin Boyle:@David +1
Stephen Deerhake:I believe you are correct David.
Stephen Deerhake:Yes it does.
Martin Boyle:I think so
David McAuley:I think so
Sean Copeland:yes
David McAuley:that it works, that is
Martin Boyle:Yes, but I think it not unreasonable for people to know who has put their name forward
Martin Boyle:No: I'm happy for names to be public
Martin Boyle:So ling as we say
Martin Boyle:*long
Mirjana Tasic .rs:Names shoild be public, I agree with Martin
David McAuley:no objection
Martin Boyle:transparency
Bart Boswinkel:and accountability of selection comittee ( Council or otherwise). If only publish of names who are slected, unknown whetehr other able candidate, and hence legitiamacy of council selction process
David McAuley:good point, Katrina
Bart Boswinkel:couldbe questioned
Martin Boyle:ex post removal is not a problem
Bart Boswinkel:Could imagine that after a certain period, names of non-candidates are removed
Bart Boswinkel:for example a month
Stephen Deerhake:But Google won't foreget...
Bart Boswinkel:nor fb nor twitter
Bart Boswinkel:if people post it themeselves:-)
Stephen Deerhake:Google sweeps the ICANN website regularly. Google's index of the ICANN website is much better than ICANN's search mechanism.
David McAuley:Interesting, Stephen, I did not realize that
David McAuley:i did not hear full question
Martin Boyle:I hear. Not sure that we need that, but I would not oppose
Stephen Deerhake:+1 Martin.
David McAuley:I could support that, yes
Mirjana Tasic .rs:For my point of view Bart's proposal is OK
Martin Boyle:It is good housekeeping to clean off names when it is no longer necessary to publish
Bart Boswinkel:+1 Martin
David McAuley:yes
David McAuley:right, not this one but the shorter version
David McAuley:thanks Bart for adding that, though
David McAuley:can we scroll back up to those footnotes
Katrina Sataki:a bit later, David :)
David McAuley:ok
David McAuley:thanks
Katrina Sataki:here come the footnotes
David McAuley:Thanks again =- these changes make sense to me
Stephen Deerhake:I can hear you. AC is screwing with me...
Stephen Deerhake:I will post alternative language for section 3.2 now...
David McAuley:Adobe wan Kanobe
Stephen Deerhake:My revision of Bart's revision to Draft 7:3.2 Appointment of the Approval Action ManagerThe Council will appoint a ccNSO Councillor to serve as the Approval Action Manager for any Approval Action requests that might arise. If the Approval Action Manager is not available to manage a specifc Approval Action Board Notice, the ccNSO Chair may either act as the Approval Action Manager, or desingate another Councillor to act accordingly. The term of appointment will be for one year, and the Approval Manager may be re-appointed.When an Approval Action Manager is appointed by the ccNSO Council or the Chair, all other Decisional Participants, the Empowered Community Administration, the ccTLD Communitym and the ICANN Corporate Secretary will be informed.
Stephen Deerhake:This is just a tweak of Bart's language --no substantive change.
Stephen Deerhake:I would love to get this finalized at the F2F.
David McAuley:good idea Bart, we can get final yes/no at GRC in Kobe
David McAuley:i don't recall right now - but can get something by KObe - sorry if I dropped this
David McAuley:I will do it - Kim, Joke, please add to action items and I will use that as reminder
Joke Braeken:I added it to the notes David. thank you
David McAuley:thanks Joke
Stephen Deerhake:Kim, please note to the powers at be that AC audio failed during today's call. As you will recall, it was working fine for me prior to the start of the call. It's simply unreliable...
Kimberly Carlson:@Stephen, thanks i will
David McAuley:I am not on that work part but woul dbe happy to take a look prior to Kobe
Stephen Deerhake:Katrina, do you want me to circulate my comments to the list first? I don't think we have time to do it serially.
David McAuley:Joke - can you send me a copy of the draft assessment
Stephen Deerhake:The deadline is 1 March. I was not anticipating a pass through the GRC. I think given the time line it would be best if people submited independely.
Mirjana Tasic .rs:Sorry, I have to leave for the next call. Bye
Stephen Deerhake:I HATE AC!!! This is very frustrating...
Stephen Deerhake:Yes, I'll get my remarks to the WP by 1 March.
David McAuley:Joke, my bad then - no need to add me to this or send the assessment
Stephen Deerhake:My commtiment was to the review people by 1 March. Not the WP.
Stephen Deerhake:Go ahead and submit comments independently of my comments.
Stephen Deerhake:Kim can you call me? This is ridiculous
Stephen Deerhake:Screw it. We'are at the end of the hour anyway...
Joke Braeken:ok David
David McAuley:maybe more work on WS2 reciommendations
Stephen Deerhake:What is the "Approval Action notices template"?
Bart Boswinkel:Similar to rejectionaction template
Stephen Deerhake:I can see the need for a rejection action template, but I don't see the need for an approval action template --its really simple.
Bart Boswinkel:Notice for rejection action is simple as well
Bart Boswinkel:as you have seen ther are million ways to make mistakes
Stephen Deerhake:I can't engage in this conversation without audio... I will take it up off line with you.
Kimberly Carlson:F2F meeting in Kobe - 10:30 - 12:00, Sat, Mar 9, 2019 | room 403 (KICC)
Bart Boswinkel:Also method of working might be sueful to discuss
Bart Boswinkel:in Kobe
David McAuley:I plan to be there
Martin Boyle:Not me
Stephen Deerhake:Bye all! Safe travels to Kobe..
Martin Boyle:I will!
David McAuley:Sorry we will miss you, Martin. +1 to safe travels all
David McAuley:Bye
Kimberly Carlson:Thank you, bye - safe travels

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