Participants:  Alejandra Reynoso, Ben Fuller, Eduardo Santoyo, Katrina Sataki, Martin Boyle, Mirjana Tasic, Stephen Deerhake, Dejan Djukic

Staff:  Bart Boswinkel, Kim Carlson, Joke braeken

Apologies:  David McAuley


  1. Welcome and roll call
  2. CCWG WS 2 SO/AC accountability report: need to provide input and feed-back? (attached)
  3. Guideline Approval Action Procedure (will be circulated before Monday’s call)
  4. Update Guideline Council Roles and Responsibilities (attached)
  5. IRP next steps, if any
  6. AOB
  7. Next meeting and Adjourn


Recordings: Mp3

Chat transcript:

Kimberly Carlson:Hello Mirjana and Alejandra - welcome
Joke Braeken:hello everyone!
Kimberly Carlson:welcome all
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Hola Eduardo :)
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Hi Katrina
Ben Fuller:Perhaps we review and then see if we need ammend the way we work.
Ben Fuller:Good point Bart
Ben Fuller:I will volunteer
Stephen Deerhake:This is a new graphic for me... Looks accurate however...
Stephen Deerhake:21 day is not correct...
Stephen Deerhake:Actually look at 1.4(a) for 21 day decisional period.
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Here is the link to Annex D:
Stephen Deerhake 2:21 day is corrrect (subject to local ICANN office timezone...)
Stephen Deerhake 2:Approval Action Board Notice will come from ICANN Secretary after the Board formally adopts the Fundamental Bylaw Change...
Stephen Deerhake 2:Bart is correct...
Stephen Deerhake 2:Martin, your analysis is correct. The Council has to be trusted.
Katrina Sataki:theoretically we can have a members vote right after the Community Forum
Stephen Deerhake 2:Katrina is correct as well. Hence the importance to have the community forum at the beginning of the ICANN public meeting ;-)
Stephen Deerhake 2:With regards to the ccNSO abstaining, keep in mind that with an approval process, ICANN must get the OK from 3 SO/ACs of active "approval"...
Katrina Sataki:I am sure that ALAC will support - they have simplified their process and take decision case by case
Stephen Deerhake 2:GNSO is off in the weeds on their decision making capabilitites... ;-)
martin boyle, Nominet:thanks Bart
Stephen Deerhake 2:Thank you Bart for that answer...
martin boyle, Nominet:@ Stephen: not for the first time!
Bart Boswinkel:CCWG WS 1 and CWG stewardship as well as FOI are good examples to work with
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:I'll upload it on Google Doc, no problem
Stephen Deerhake 2:With regards to timing it would be nice to have this finalaized by the GRC for the next Council meeting...
Stephen Deerhake 2:May Council meeting.
Stephen Deerhake 2:This looks great Kim...
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Guideline: ccNSO Procedure for the Exercise of the Empowered Community’s rights to Approve Specified Actions on Google Docs:
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:I can merge the two documents: Roles & Responsibilities and Council Election Process
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:ok, I leave it to Bart ;)
Bart Boswinkel:To clairfy : isugges to include chair and vice-chair elections in this document
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Oh!
Stephen Deerhake 2:+1 Bart. ;-)
Bart Boswinkel:and roles like Approval Action Manager, ECA member etc
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:I think it should be only one document, less confusing
Kimberly Carlson:8 May @12:00 UTC - calendar invite to follow
Stephen Deerhake 2:I urge everyone to get themselves sorted on the Approval Action Guideline so we can approve it in 2 weeks and get it before the Council for their May meeting..
Bart Boswinkel: Chair and vice -chair elections is council repsonsibility
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:@Bart: Now I get it ;)
Stephen Deerhake 2:We need it in place for JNB meeting....
Stephen Deerhake 2:Thnaks all.
Kimberly Carlson:Thank you all, bye
Ben Fuller:Bye all
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Thank you! Bye :)
Bart Boswinkel:Thank and Bye
Stephen Deerhake 2:Bye all!
Mirjana Tasic .rs:Bye all
Katrina Sataki:Thank you! Bye!
Dejan Djukic:Bye

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