Members:  Katrina Sataki, Stephen Deerhake, David McAuley, Sean Copeland, Alyssa Moore, Mirjana Tasic, Svitlana Tkachenko

Staff:   Bart Boswinkel, Kim Carlson



1. Welcome & Roll call
2. How to involve community in discussion Rules of ccNSO?
3. Update Guideline Board Nomination Process
    a. Nomination manager recommendations
    b. Update Guideline, first reading. Guideline is updated to reflect lessons learned from previous round ( Board Seat 11 Nomination). Note, Guideline needs to be updated by May 2020 in preparation of the Board Seat 12 Nomination Process, which      will need to start by June, in order to meet the requirements under the Guideline.
4. First reading ccNSO appointed Board member removal
    WG members are expected to go through the document ahead of the meeting. Focus will be discussion of sections 1,2,3 5 and 7.
5. AOB
6. Next Meetings
    • 6 April 2020 noon UTC
    • 20 April 2020, noon UTC
    • 4 May 2020, noon UTC

Recording:  Zoom playback


Chat transcript: Chat - GRC 23March.txt

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