Participants: Martin Boyle, Alejandra Reynoso, Dejan Djukic, Katrina Sataki, Ben Fuller

Staff:  Bart Boswinkel, Kim Carlson, 

Apologies:  David McAuley, Eduardo Santoyo, Stephen Deerhake


1. Welcome and Roll Call
2. Specific reviews operating standards: initial discussion
3. Rejection Action Guideline discussion
4. Update Board Nomination Guideline
5. AOB
6. Closure

Recordings:  Mp3


Chat Transcript:

Martin Boyle:morning
Kimberly Carlson:Hello, welcome
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Good morning :)
Bart Boswinkel:Morning
Kimberly Carlson:Good morning
Dejan Djukic:Hi all!
Ben Fuller:Hi all
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Ok Bart.
Ben Fuller:OK
Kimberly Carlson:doc is scrollable now
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Thank you Kim
Kimberly Carlson:Apologies for sending supporting documents late
Ben Fuller:"Review Fatigue" is an issue I have heard mention in both the ccNSO and GNSO circles ....
Martin Boyle:that could be helpful, Bart
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:12 ?
Katrina:sorry guys... did not take into account that we switched to winter time :(
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Hi Katrina
Katrina:hello hello!
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Question: Any comments to the document should be made in the clean version, correct?
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:I can do that if you want :)
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Making a Google Doc, that is
Ben Fuller:Nope
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Not at the moment
Katrina:great, thanks!
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Later today I'll make the Google Docs and send you the links
Kimberly Carlson:4 December next call @12:00 UTC
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:certainly Bart :)
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Thank you!! :)
Kimberly Carlson:thank you bye

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