Participants:  Stephen Deerhake, Martin Boyle, Katrina Sataki, Ben Fuller, David McAuley, Christelle Vaval, Alejandra Reynoso

Staff:  Bart Boswinkel, Kim Carlson, Joke braeken

Apologies:  Mirjana Tasic


1. Welcome and roll call
2. GRC Presentation
3. Presentation on Rejection action
4. AOB
5. Next meeting – 26 June, 10:30-12:00 local (block 2); boardroom 1 / 2
6. Adjourn


Recording:  Mp3

Chat Transcript:

Kimberly Carlson:Hello, welcome
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Hi Joke :)
Bart Boswinkel:Hi All
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Hi Bart :)
Joke Braeken:hello all!
Joke Braeken:you are the only participant currently Alejandra :)
Joke Braeken:in the adobe room at least
Christelle Vaval:hi all
David McAuley:Hello all
martin boyle, Nominet:thanks Kim: that worked. No idea what happened the first time!
Kimberly Carlson:Glad to hear
David McAuley:Good morning Katrina
Bart Boswinkel:I will dial in again very bad connection
Joke Braeken:the agenda for the ccNSO Members Meeting is located here:
Bart Boswinkel:BAck
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:45 minutes for GRC and PDP updates
Joke Braeken:14:15 • 15:00 GRC & PDP | Session chair: Nigel Roberts (.je, .gg)• Update by the Guidelines Review Committee (GRC) & introduction to and consultation regarding the Approval Action Guideline: Katrina Sataki (.lv)• Current status of the Policy Development Process (PDP) on the Retirement of ccTLDs and the Review Mechanism for the decisions on delegation, revocation and retirement of ccTLDs: Bart Boswinkel (ccNSO), Nigel Roberts (.je , .gg)
Bart Boswinkel:PDP only needs 5 minutes
Bart Boswinkel:max
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]::-o
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:I suggest to use Arial Narrow font for these slides, it helps when you have to fit text in a small space ;)
David McAuley:ICANN should create a new meeting badge ribbon - Annex D Expert (I nominate Katrina and Stephen)
David McAuley:I don't hear echop
David McAuley:echo
David McAuley:echo
Stephen Deerhake (.as):Sorry about the echo... Technology is not kind to me this morning...
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:I think there must be a conversion error with the file from PPTX to Adobe Room... could try to use a PDF?
Kimberly Carlson:Hi Alejandra, that is my thinking as well - I will test the pdf version after the call
Katrina Sataki:I am losing sound periodially
Katrina Sataki:is that just me or still problems with Adobe?
David McAuley:I am on phone so don't know - sound is fine on phone
Christelle Vaval:same here it's cutting
Ben Fuller:Having problems with their audio as well. Can hear OK but cannot connect the microphone.
Kimberly Carlson:Katrina has lost connection
David McAuley:is katrina back?
David McAuley:we do
David McAuley:I can hear Katrina
Ben Fuller:I can hear Katrina
David McAuley:Stephen - very low volume
martin boyle, Nominet:@Stephen +1
martin boyle, Nominet:that is where the problem lies
Kimberly Carlson:she's reconnecting now
Stephen Deerhake (.as):The need for education and PROACTIVE action is key...
David McAuley:I can hear you Katrina
martin boyle, Nominet:we can hear you very well Katrina
Joke Braeken:10:30 • 11:40The ccNSO as decisional participant | Session chair: Katrina Sataki (.lv)• Approval Fundamental Bylaws: Stephen Deerhake (.as)• Rejection Action Petitions: Stephen Deerhake (.as), Katrina Sataki (.lv)
Stephen Deerhake (.as):3x more complicated than approval actions... ;-)
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:yes, I see the slides
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:yes we hear you
martin boyle, Nominet:I see it
Joke Braeken:we see the slides and hear you loud and clear
David McAuley:i see it
Kimberly Carlson:I will
David McAuley:uh oh
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:I can't hear Katrina anymore :(
David McAuley:i have lost audio perhaps
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Now you are back!
David McAuley:now can hear Katrina
David McAuley:I think a petition can actually come from an individual, perhaps not even a ccNSO participant but I will have to double check that
David McAuley:If I am correct about that then presumably that individual could petition every DP
Stephen Deerhake (.as):Bart is correct with regards to his comments about the budget community forum scheduling.
David McAuley:Thanks Bart
David McAuley:I like setting the scene
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Regarding the email awerness, I suggest specific subjects on the emails like "IMPORTANT: Empowered Community Decision"
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Not from me :)
David McAuley:safe travels all
Stephen Deerhake (.as):Cheers all! Good morning / night!
Stephen Deerhake (.as):Safe travels all.
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Safe travels, see you soon
Ben Fuller:Bye all
Kimberly Carlson:Thank you, bye all
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Bye :)
Joke Braeken:thank you all, bye
Stephen Deerhake (.as):Thank you Bart,

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