Members:  Katrina Sataki, Mirjana Tasic, Stephen Deerhake, Kristina Hakobyan, Martin Boyle, Sean Copeland, Dejan Djukic

Staff: Bart Boswinkel, Kim Carlson

Apologies:   David McAuley, Liz Williams


1. Welcome & roll call

2. Discussion: temporary IFRT selection procedure

3. Travel Funding guideline

4. AOB


Recording:  AC

Chat transcript:

Kimberly Carlson:Hello, welcome to today's GRC call on 16 July at 12:00 UTC.
Mirjana Tasic .rs:Hello
Kimberly Carlson:Hi Mirjana and Stephen
Stephen Deerhake:Good morning everyone...
Joke Braeken:hello everyone, welcome
Stephen Deerhake:Morning Bart!
Bart Boswinkel:Hi Stephen, Mirlana, martin and Kristina
Kristina Hakobyan:hello, everyone)
Kimberly Carlson:Hello everyone! welcome
Bart Boswinkel:Not ethsi becomes a real issue given the expected work load:
Bart Boswinkel:Although rough guestimate, coulld be comparabel wiht work load on SPecific reviews
Bart Boswinkel:One complication is that the number of cc who are only member of a REgional Organisation is fairly limited
Bart Boswinkel:When looking at this in context of the CWG Stewardship and Coordination group, it was limited, adn nowevenmore as the number of members has grown
Bart Boswinkel:Most diverse is members pool
Katrina:I was talking about the pool of volunteers :)
Stephen Deerhake:Bart, I think APtLD has a reasonable sized pool of non-ccNSO members we can solicit.. I can't speak for the other RO's.
Stephen Deerhake:+1 Martin
Martin Boyle, Nominet:I'd say end July!
Martin Boyle, Nominet:A pre-announcement?
Bart Boswinkel:Yes as a tst of ccTLD world list as well
Martin Boyle, Nominet:Aaaaargh!
Bart Boswinkel:yes
Bart Boswinkel::-)
Martin Boyle, Nominet:good work, Joke!
Stephen Deerhake:Thanks Joke!
Mirjana Tasic .rs:Thanks Joke

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