Members:   Katrina Sataki, David McAuley, Stephen Deerhake, Sean Copeland, Mirjana Tasic, Svitlana Tkachenko, Jian Zhang

GNSO Guests:  Heather Forrest, Wolf-Ulrich Knoben, Steve DelBianco

Staff:   Bart Boswinkel, Marika Konings (GNSO), Julie Hedlund (GNSO), Mary Wong (GNSO), Ariel LIang (GNSO), Kimberly Carlson

Apologies:  Alyssa Moore


  1. Welcome and roll call
  2. Special IFR (attached:  Draft suggested timeline and questions)
  3. AOB
  4. Closure

Recording:  Zoom replay


Chat transcript:

06:00:55 From Kimberly Carlson : Welcome to today’s Guidelines Review Committee on 15 at 12:00 UTC. Attendance will be taken based on who is on Zoom. Apologies from: Alyssa Moore. Calls will be recorded and posted on the public wiki. Please remember to mute your phones and microphones when not speaking.
Thank you.
06:03:11 From Heather Forrest : Hi David! And thanks so much for your willingness to take the lead today.
06:03:20 From joke.braeken : To follow the live note-taking during today’s GRC meeting, go to
06:04:23 From julie.hedlund : To view the Google doc of the draft guidelines see:
06:05:48 From julie.hedlund : The link above to the document David is mentioning.
06:05:55 From Heather Forrest : @Julie, could you scroll down a little in the Zoom room?
06:05:59 From Heather Forrest : thank you
06:08:46 From Steve DelBianco to Kimberly Carlson (Privatel) : Kimberly — could you please increase the text size just a little?
06:08:53 From Heather Forrest : David's proposed language makes good sense to me
06:11:53 From Heather Forrest : I'm happy to work on some draft language tomorrow morning my time zone
06:12:36 From julie.hedlund : That was me — but I’ll work with you David to refine it :-)
06:13:03 From Heather Forrest : Thanks, Julie -if you circulate the language to us, I'll tinker with it in the morning
06:13:31 From Heather Forrest : This language makes good sense to me
06:13:33 From julie.hedlund : Will do Heather!
06:13:42 From Steve DelBianco : It’s an excellent idea to require consideration of alternative means to address an IANA functions problem.
06:20:13 From Heather Forrest : Thanks, Julie
06:20:58 From David McAuley (Verisign) : Nice, thanks Julie
06:23:07 From Heather Forrest : Brilliant, thanks Julie - timeline is a brilliant idea
06:23:27 From Heather Forrest : I see the questions, Julie
06:23:33 From David McAuley (Verisign) : me too
06:23:50 From Heather Forrest : there it is!
06:23:51 From David McAuley (Verisign) : now can
06:26:56 From Steve DelBianco : This timeline shows the maximum allowed. I note that GNSO and ccNSO are allowed to move faster, and would likely do so if IANA functions were not being handled adequately
06:27:15 From Heather Forrest : Good point, Steve
06:27:46 From Heather Forrest : Amazing that on the maximum we get to day 101!!
06:28:00 From Katrina : We need a more aggressive timeline
06:28:20 From Heather Forrest : I think we should have both - the maximum, and an aggressive suggestion
06:28:24 From Stephen Deerhake : I agree with you Katrina that we need a more aggressive timeline.
06:29:21 From Wolf-Ulrich Knoben : Agree to Katrina. That's i.a. one reason why we have a small SICT
06:29:38 From David McAuley (Verisign) : I for one woul dbe amazed if there was a public comment period - maybe circumstances will warrant one but seems hard to imagine for such a big time period while a performance issue festers
06:30:31 From Steve DelBianco : why set an “aggressive” timeline? If GNSO and ccNSO want to move faster, they can
06:30:55 From David McAuley (Verisign) : I like the max and min timeline idea
06:31:00 From Stephen Deerhake : Julie, Max-Min periods I think would be useful.
06:31:02 From Heather Forrest : me too!
06:31:08 From Katrina : agree!
06:31:20 From Wolf-Ulrich Knoben : @Steve: but they need some "help"
06:34:44 From Heather Forrest : Can we set a target date for completing this work? It would be helpful for GNSO as we need to provide our full package of guidelines to the GNSO Council in September.
06:34:45 From julie.hedlund : Noted: Staff will produce a timeline with the absolute minimum as well as the maximum
06:35:43 From David McAuley (Verisign) : (aside) I find it odd that Zoom cannot fix the staff raising hands issue
06:37:32 From David McAuley (Verisign) : Good point Katrina - we need to do a fianl time check against 18.12
06:39:22 From Heather Forrest : Zoom mute strikes again!
06:40:28 From Heather Forrest : If at all possible it would be very helpful to conclude this work by end August - that takes account of any (northern hemisphere) summer holidays
06:40:46 From Heather Forrest : (here in the southern hemisphere it is winter - no holidays :(
06:41:28 From Stephen Deerhake : Sorry about that Heather :(
06:41:28 From Bart Boswinkel : @ David: it is hands as host
06:41:33 From David McAuley (Verisign) : I could do that
06:41:40 From Bart Boswinkel : not staff in general ( raising hand issue)
06:41:43 From Heather Forrest : Me too, Stephen! I would love to have your summer weather
06:41:56 From Heather Forrest : Good thinking Julie, and thanks for keeping us on track
06:42:23 From Heather Forrest : Thanks, Katrina and GRC!
06:42:34 From David McAuley (Verisign) : Not here
06:42:36 From Heather Forrest : None from me, thank you
06:42:59 From julie.hedlund : Nothing further from me — thanks so much Katrina, Heather, David, and all!
06:43:12 From Stephen Deerhake : Thanks everyone!
06:43:19 From Kimberly Carlson : Thank you all, bye
06:43:21 From David McAuley (Verisign) : Thanks all, good bye
06:43:21 From Sean Copeland : Thanks and bye
06:43:25 From Bart Boswinkel : Bye all
06:43:25 From Wolf-Ulrich Knoben : Thank you, bye
06:43:27 From joke.braeken : thanks all. Bye!
06:43:27 From Svitlana Tkachenko : Thank you.
06:43:28 From Stephen Deerhake : They ski in Australia???
06:43:37 From Mirjana Tasic : Bye
06:43:38 From Katrina : no, they ride kandaroos
06:43:50 From Stephen Deerhake : That would hurt I would think.
06:43:58 From Katrina : Kangaroos, I meant
06:44:06 From Katrina : bye!
06:44:14 From Heather Forrest : Bye everyone, and the kangaroos say goodbye, too

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