Participants:  Eduardo Santoyo, Ben Fuller, Alejandra Reynoso, Martin Boyle, Stephen Deerhake, Katrina Sataki, Christelle Vaval, David MacAuley, Dejan Djukic

Staff:  Bart Boswinkel, Kim Carlson, 



  1.  Council Election Guideline
  2.  Approval Action Guideline
  3.  Rejection Action Guideline
  4.  ccNSO Travel Funding Guideline
  5. AOB
  6.  Adjorn


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Chat Transcript:

Kimberly Carlson:Welcome to today's GRC call on 14 August @12:00 UTC
Kimberly Carlson:Good morning Eduardo
Ben Fuller:Afternoon all
Kimberly Carlson:Welcome everyone
Kimberly Carlson:@Martin, I hope you were able to access the Google doc
Joke Braeken:hello everyone! welcome.
Stephen Deerhake:Good morning...
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Good morning
Christelle Vaval:good morning
Martin Boyle, Nominet:@Kim: yes thanks!
Martin Boyle, Nominet:Not sure why on just one doc it decided it had never seen me before!
David McAuley:Just dialed in
David McAuley:good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good heavens
Joke Braeken::)
Bart Boswinkel:Hi All
David McAuley:Bylaw Section 10.3(h) designates the ccNSO Council as responsible for administering and coordinating the affairs of the ccNSO. Pursuant to this authority, the Council has provided that since 2003 the term of the Councillors selected by the ccNSO members started at the conclusion of the first ICANN meeting of a calendar year and it ended at the conclusion of the first ICANN meeting of a calendar year. The Council believes that materially and effectively continuing this practice will continue to ensure continuity and predictability. Continuity is ensured as not all six Councillors whose term ends need to step down at once: the NomCom appointed Councilors do take their seat at the end of the annual ICANN meeting. As to predictability current practice has evolved over the last 14 years. Changing this absent a compelling need could prove to be disruptive - for example by ending the practice of interviewing potential Council candidates at the most appropriate ICANN meeting preceding selection, which currently is t
Stephen Deerhake:Nice tweak.
David McAuley:, which currently is the annual meeting.
Ben Fuller:David's tweak is appropriate
David McAuley:will do
Katrina Sataki:thank you, David!
David McAuley:Thanks Joke, makes sense
Joke Braeken:I agree
David McAuley:good point Katrine, we can see how folks react
David McAuley:Katrina
Stephen Deerhake:It needs to be discussed with the NomCom Committee?
Bart Boswinkel:You may want to leave it in as aplaceholder, with a and end-date
Stephen Deerhake:I like that language David...
David McAuley:agres it needs to be discussed
Ben Fuller:Good language David
David McAuley:I will suggest in doc
Bart Boswinkel:Also include that udner current Bylaws a council member ( whether ccNSO member appopinted or NomCOm appointed) may be removed for not attending 3 consecutive meetings
Bart Boswinkel:of for grossly inapporriate behavior
David McAuley:I just re-joined adobe after being thrown out
Stephen Deerhake:I think it's fine.
Martin Boyle, Nominet:I think it is ok
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:ccNSO Council Member Changes Procedure.
Ben Fuller:ok
Kimberly Carlson:Doc can be scrolled
David McAuley:Thanks to Stephen for lead on this
EDUARDO SANTOYO:I´m ok with this doc
Stephen Deerhake:Katrina, I will take a stab at filling it out...
Bart Boswinkel:As to the title :the langauge in the bylaws is to Approve Apporval Actions
David McAuley:one note Stephen - in 4.5.3 why not say within seven days
Ben Fuller:"within" is a good additiion
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Katrina, regarding the guideline for Council Roles and Responsibilities, I think it is important mainly because it explains the procedure to elect the Chair and Vice chairs.
David McAuley:hand down - Katrina got it
David McAuley:agree w/Katrina
Bart Boswinkel:A ccNSo COuncil decion becomes effective 7 days after publication see section 6.2 Rules of the ccNSO
Stephen Deerhake:It needs to be sent tot he ECA ASAP after it becomes effective.
Katrina Sataki:yes
Katrina Sataki:but now it says 7 days after has become effective
Bart Boswinkel:It could say as soon as effecvtive
David McAuley:or as Bart says, that works too
Stephen Deerhake:It has to... With my ECA hat on I hounded Katrina for the formal decision regarding the recent Bylaw change... ;-)
David McAuley:or as Martin says, the point being that "seven dys after" is not right given use of "effective"
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Shall I put this guideline in a Google Doc?
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:ok ;)
Stephen Deerhake:The issue manager needs to send it to the ECA.
Stephen Deerhake:I will revisit 4.5.3... Good catch David.
Ben Fuller:yes
David McAuley:Stepehn - does that mean there will be a specific section for not supporting decisional participant - do we have steps to take in that case or do we simply not support and that is that
David McAuley:Stephen, that is
Ben Fuller::-D
David McAuley:this image lacks some houmorous post-it notes
David McAuley:OK thanks Stephen
David McAuley:yes
Ben Fuller:Will the acceptance and rejection action guidelines be vetted by someone in ICANN Leagal to see if they are in line with the bylaws?
David McAuley:The 'at least' language is good
Stephen Deerhake:"Following ICANN Meeting"? Should that not read "Next ICANN Meeting"?
Joke Braeken:sorry, got disconnected
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:I lost audio :(
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:oh!
David McAuley:no audio?
Stephen Deerhake:Am I the only one who lost audio?
Joke Braeken:need to dial in again
Joke Braeken:I am back
David McAuley:Good clarification Martin
EDUARDO SANTOYO:agree with Martin
David McAuley:i think weights would make sense
David McAuley:so I agree with Katrina's comment just now
Martin Boyle, Nominet:agree Katrina: only one previously!
David McAuley:just back into adobe again after another problem
Bart Boswinkel:Not ethis not fellowship program which is specially designed to bring in new-comers
Martin Boyle, Nominet:@Katrina: correct
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:;)
Martin Boyle, Nominet:@Katrina +1
Bart Boswinkel:Why not rplace with other reelvant persons
Bart Boswinkel:leaves it open to Committee
David McAuley:good point Joke
Martin Boyle, Nominet:agreed
Martin Boyle, Nominet:fine for me
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Please have a look to Guideline ccNSO Council Roles and Responsibilities
David McAuley:I may be on phone only on Aug 28
Stephen Deerhake:Rejection Guideline should be available for you before the next meeting.
Martin Boyle, Nominet:Thanks Katrina, bye all
Ben Fuller:bye all
Stephen Deerhake:Bye!
David McAuley:Thanks Katrina, thanks all - good bye
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Thank you! bye :)
Joke Braeken:thank you all, bye
Bart Boswinkel:Bye all
Katrina Sataki:thank you! bye!

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