As background, the review was conducted by “16 ATRT2 members, who were drawn from the ICANN community via a public notice as well as recommendations from ICANN’s SOs and ACs, and selected by the chairs of the ICANN Board and its Governmental Advisory Committee. These community members spent nearly a year reviewing, studying, questioning, debating and listening to the community as well as staff in preparing their report.”[1]  Final report was published on December 31, 2013 and included 12 recommendations within the following areas:



Board Performance & Work Practices

## 1-2-3

Policy/Implementation/Executive Function


Decision Making Transparency & Appeals

## 5, 7, 9

GAC Operations & Interaction




Cross-Community Deliberation


AoC Review Process Effectiveness


Financial Accountability & Transparency


[1] How ICANN is Accountable to the Global Community, by Fadi Chehadé on February 12, 2014

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