For all ATRT1 recommendation projects, identified tasks were completed and incorporated into ICANN’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) to improve accountability and transparency in the identified areas, as reported in the 2012 Annual Implementation Report. An important, although often overlooked, consequence of the 27 ATRT recommendations is that they also stimulated long-term improvement efforts related to the Board, GAC, public input, and policy development, and review of Board decisions. Because these areas have been highlighted by the ATRT as important to ICANN’s accountability and transparency, iterative improvements are underway or under discussion as part of ICANN’s continuous improvements. ICANN expects to continue to make advances in these areas over the long-term. Continuous improvement, however, can make identifying a specific completion point for ATRT recommendation projects more challenging, and refinement of the implementation process (including success criteria) is recommended for the next ATRT round.

Thirty-two (32) components were identified to support the 27 recommendations proposed by the ATRT1. The document below summarizes the status as determined by the ATRT2 in 2013. For detailed information on the ATRT2 assessment and incorporation in a new set of recommendations, please see the ATRT2 Final Report and Recommendations.

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