ATRT2 Implementation Program Announcement - 30 January 2015

ATRT2 Implementation Program Announcement - 7 October 2014

Project Management Discipline

ICANN worked closely with the ATRT2 throughout 2013, laying down a foundation to ensure the implementation of the recommendations would be timely and effective.  An implementation methodology was designed based on the global standards of The Project Management Institute - rules, guidelines, and characteristics for the project and development of a management portfolio. The PMI standards are widely accepted with a goal towards achieving professional excellence.  Benefits include a clear scope definition, company-wide resource planning, monitoring against timelines and consistent reporting.

ICANN’s commitment to accountability and transparency, in the interest of Internet users globally, was formalized and documented in 2009 in the Affirmation of Commitments (AoC) agreement with the U.S. Government.  It set a course for ongoing evolution and improvement in ICANN’s accountability.  ICANN views the implementation methodology it chose as the means of ensuring an organization-wide commitment to continuous improvement. The method of implementing the ATRT2’s recommendations will serve as a pilot. ICANN will refine the approach to apply consistently to AoC and other review efforts. 

Progress Reporting

With the experience of two previous Accountability and Transparency reviews, ICANN understands the importance of timely and effective communications.  In fact, one of the ATRT2 recommendations specifically addresses implementation reporting.  Updates on the progress of implementing the recommendations will be posted and reported each trimester through multiple communication channels and at ICANN meetings, beginning with ICANN51 in Los Angeles. A public session ATRT2 Implementation Update took take place at ICANN51.

Additionally, webinars on implementation progress will be offered periodically to provide ICANN stakeholders an opportunity to ask questions and offer feedback. 

At this time, projects implementing all 12 ATRT2 recommendations have been initiated with several teams executing their initial implementation steps.  With 51 distinct recommendation components to develop, the timeframe for implementation will vary depending on the complexity of the recommendation and its key dependencies.  For example, synchronization and alignment will likely take place in conjunction with the work underway to Enhance ICANN Accountability Process.  Such dependencies and connections will be addressed in the Implementation Summaries provided for each recommendation.

Each project will be tracked in ICANN’s Portfolio Management System  – stakeholders, Board and staff can see the progress on ICANN’s web site.


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