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Open Date:

21 November 2011

Close Date:

22 December 2011

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Originating Organization:

GNSO IRTP Part C Working Group


To help inform the deliberations of the IRTP Part C Working Group on the three Charter Questions it has been tasked with:

  • "Change of Control" function, including an investigation of how this function is currently achieved, if there are any applicable models in the country-code name space that can be used as a best practice for the gTLD space, and any associated security concerns. It should also include a review of locking procedures, as described in Reasons for Denial #8 and #9, with an aim to balance legitimate transfer activity and security.
  • Whether provisions on time-limiting Form Of Authorization (FOA)s should be implemented to avoid fraudulent transfers out. For example, if a Gaining Registrar sends and receives an FOA back from a transfer contact, but the name is locked, the registrar may hold the FOA pending adjustment to the domain name status, during which time the registrant or other registration information may have changed.
  • Whether the process could be streamlined by a requirement that registries use IANA IDs for registrars rather than proprietary IDs.

Current Status:

The IRTP Part C Policy Development Process has just begun and the Working Group formed is requesting your input to help inform its deliberations, as required by the ICANN Bylaws.

Next Steps:

The IRTP Part C Working Group will review the comments received as part of its deliberations on the Charter Questions and in preparation of its Initial Report.

Staff Contact:

Marika Konings


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