NARALO Monthly Teleconference

Date: Monday 16 November 2009

Time: 20:00 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)

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Participants: Darlene Thompson (DT), Monique Chartrand (MC), Evan Leibovitch (EL), Gareth Shearman (GS), Myles Braithwaite (MB), Eduardo Diaz (ED), Gordon Chillcott (GC), Louis Houle (LH), Danny Younger (DY), Wendy Seltzer (WS), Seth Reiss (SH), Alan Greenburg (AG), Glenn McKnight (GB)

Apologies:Beau Brendler (BB)

Staff: Heidi Ullrich (HU)

Action Items: Action Items 16 November 2009

Recording: ENGLISH

A G E N D A - Draft

Standing Issues:

1. Roll Call

2. Review of the Summary Minutes of 19 October 2009

3. Review of the Action Items of 19 October 2009

4. Open Public Comment Periods

a. At-Large Policy Development Schedule

Proposed Agenda Items

1. Feedback from the Seoul Meeting

> a. Key At-Large outputs and action items - click here for the At-Large list of meetings
>> i. gTLD issues – intellectual property (UDRP, URS)
>> ii. gTLD issues – Expressions of Interest
>> iii. gTLD issues – Morality and Public Order objections
>> iv. Registrant Rights declarations
> b. Process to select the At-Large Voting Board Director

2. At-Large Implementation Outline- next steps

3. Recent and Upcoming Activities of ALAC (Alan, Beau, and Gareth)

4. Outreach – what can be done? What needs to be done?

For Information see:

Tri-fold EURALO Flyer (Revised 11-2009) IC_Euralo_Brochure_1.pdf

At-Large Brochure (Updated 11-2009) IC_At_Large_Brochure_High.pdf IC_At_Large_Brochure_High.pdf

5. Other Business


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