Goal of session

Kurt and his team would like to discuss the 2012-2015 Strategic Plan development process and specific concerns.

In support of ICANN’s commitment in developing a three-year Strategic Plan that is reviewed annually and that includes extensive community involvement, Kurt's team wishes to work with the ExCom/ALAC to ensure that the best process is utilized in the development of the 2012-2015 Strategic Plan.  The team will also hold similar meetings with other leaders from ICANN’s Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees in Singapore. 

Note that the 2011-2014 Strategic Plan evolved with similar collaborative input from the Community and introduced strategic metrics to facilitate and communicate progress.

Development timeline, with associated assumptions, for the 2012-2015 Strategic Plan 

In July 2011 -- ICANN will identify strategic positions and solicit community input regarding strategic metrics, accomplishments and any changes through a public comment forum.

By mid-September 2011 -- Complete initial consultations with SO/AC leadership.

By end of September 2011 -- Post draft Strategic Plan for 45 day public comment and invite input specifically from the SO/ACs.

By October 2011 -- In Dakar, conduct discussions on the Draft Strategic Plan and obtain feedback.

By November 2011 -- Post Proposed 2012-2015 Strategic Plan.

By December 2011 -- Submit to Board for approval.

To see these dates and assumptions depicted in a timeline format, please click here.



2011-2014 Strategic Plan

2012-2015 Strategic Plan Draft Timeline

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