Action Items: 2021-05-19 ALT-Plus Monthly Call

  •  Implementation work related to the ALS Mobilization WP Report to take place post-ICANN71.
  • Next ALT-PLUS meeting, and subsequent ALT-PLUS meetings, to be set at new standing time(s) of 16:00 UTC & 06:00 UTC.

Action Items: 2021-04-21 ALT-Plus Monthly Call

  • Alan Greenberg suggested attendance matrices (in Google Docs) for each of the major (three) WGs, Maureen Hilyard agreed.
  • Discussions encouraged further implementation of the ALS and Individual Members mobilization WPs reports, potentially involving the RALOs.

Action Items: 2021-02-18 ALT-Plus Monthly Call

Action Items: 2021-01-14 ALT-Plus Monthly Call

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