Proposed Timeline:

  • 12 Feb — Staff will send the package to CCWG Leadership Team, full CCWG and CCWG Legal Counsel by 2200 UTC

  • 15 Feb — Incorporate edits (if needed) from CCWG Leadership Team and Legal (staff)

  • 16 Feb — Staff will send draft package to CCWG for 48 hr review

  • 17 Feb — Minority Statements due so they can be incorporated into report. If the Board wishes to submit a statement or comment
                     confirming that gaps have been addressed, then this would be the due date for that statement. 

  • 18 Feb — v4 draft finalized and sent to Chartering Organizations (this will include publication on the ICANN website and associated communications)

  • [25 Feb — CWG-Stewardship sign-off letter delivered to Chartering Organizations]

  • [8 Mar — Sign-off by Chartering Organizations at ICANN55 in Marrakech]

  • [10 Mar — Hand over from ICANN Board to NTIA]

    [bracketed dates to be confirmed] 


Development of Final Report
CCWG Review Phase (12-16 February)
Chartering Organization Approval (18 February)
BCG Responses to Draft Bylaws (April 2016)
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