Reference NumberAction Item DescriptionDate CreatedResponsible PartyResolution/StatusDate Completed
1Schedule of meetings: Staff will send a Doodle to pick a day and pick rotating times22 Feb 2016StaffComplete22 Feb 2016
2Election of WG Leaders: Consider proposal to have 2 co-chairs and 3 vice chairs22 Feb 2016PDP WGComplete - Leadership team of Avri Doria, Stephen Coates, and Jeff Neuman selected26 Feb 2016
3Consider having another meeting prior to Marrakech; staff will send a Doodle for 29 February at 2200 UTC to determine interest/availability22 Feb 2016StaffComplete23 Feb 2016
4Agree on a work organization approach29 Feb 2016PDP WGComplete29 Feb 2016
5Assign subjects to work organizational framework29 Feb 2016StaffComplete - Draft completed and shared via WG list9 Mar 2016
6Become familiar with existing policy recommendations from 2007 Final Report29 Feb 2016PDP WGComplete - History lesson provided at ICANN55 F2F10 Mar 2016
7Develop work plan and finalize with milestones for Initial and Final report(s) at least.29 Feb 2016Staff/PDP WGComplete - Integrated comments received from PDP WG; further refinement likely needed in future, including integrating CCT-RT expected outputs.1 Jun 2016
8Seek a GAC liaison as a participant or GNSO Liaison to the GAC29 Feb 2016Staff/PDP WGComplete - No GAC liaison, but several GAC members are participating as membersN/A
9Consider doing a survey of 2012 applicants29 Feb 2016PDP WGPending - need to determine where this work is appropriate. Once added to Work Plan, to mark as complete. Note: CCT-RT sent applicant survey that may be of use. 
10Notify/advise GNSO Council that there are community concerns about this PDP progressing too quickly (e.g., GAC, ALAC, CCT Review Team)21 Mar 2016Staff/PDP WGN/A - Received letter from ICANN Board on same topic, letter unnecessaryN/A
11GAC Quick Look Mechanism: Determine if applied to all three of the most recent GNSO PDPs21 Mar 2016StaffComplete - Answered during call21 Mar 2016
12Go out initially to the SOs/ACs on the overarching issues, but not getting into each of the separate work items/sub groups21 Mar 2016PDP WGComplete - sent 10 June, by document deadline for ICANN56. See item 22.10 June 2016
13Develop list of string similarity outcomes (e.g., plurals). Include auctions, indirect contention, etc. in this area.28 Mar 2016StaffComplete - Added to work plan to be completed during string similarity deliberations.22 Apr 2016
14Look at all the objections that were filed, how they turned out, consistency. Look at the role of the Independent Objector.28 Mar 2016PDP WGComplete - Added to work plan to be completed during objections deliberations.22 Apr 2016
15Investigate ICANN workshop on new gTLDs at the WSIS11 Apr 2016StaffComplete19 Apr 2016
16Catalog of Advice and Statements from 2012 round of New gTLDs11 Apr 2016PDP WGComplete - Sent to all SO/AC/SG/Cs on 13 May.  Response received from the SSAC.
13 May 2016
17Get a Word version of the AGB and put into Google Docs11 Apr 2016StaffComplete - AGB and Base Registry Agreement available here: 5. Background Documents & Information3 May 2016
18Create Google Docs for Subject 1 (Should there be additional TLDs) and 2 (Different TLD Types)11 Apr 2016StaffComplete11 Apr 2016
19Liaison to Review of All Rights Protection Mechanisms (RPMs) in All gTLDs PDP WG18 Apr 2016PDP WGComplete - Susan Payne and Robin Gross volunteered and selected. 
20Timing of the calls - should times be adjusted based on the current membership?18 Apr 2016Staff/PDP WGComplete - Staff will add 1300 UTC to the call rotation beginning 23 May; re-evaluate in Helsinki.09 May 2016
21CCT-RT/PDP WG Leadership Coordination25 Apr 2016StaffComplete - Staff has established regular coordination meetings between the leadership of the two groups.4 May 2016
22Drafting Team to Develop Constituency Comment 125 Apr 2016Staff/PDP WGComplete -Sent 10 June.

Volunteers: Jeff Neuman, Christa Taylor, Tom Dale, Katrin Ohlmer, Gangesh Varma, Jay Westerdal, Cecilia Smith, Iliya Bazlyankov, Grace Mutung'u.

10 June 2016

Subject Reviews – PDP WG Reviews Google Docs:

Subject 1: Should there in fact be additional new gTLDs in the future - Pros and Cons — See:  TLD Differentiation:

Subject 2: Should the subsequent procedures be rounds?  Pros and Cons — See:
Subject 3: Predictability Pros and Cons — See:

3. Subject 2: Should the subsequent procedures be rounds?  Pros and Cons — See:
4. Subject 3: Predictability Pros and Cons — See:  
5. Subject 4.2.4: Community Engagement — Anything to Add/Questions:
6.  4.2.16 Application Submission Limits — Pros and Cons:

25 Apr 2016PDP WGComplete - Google Docs are completed and stored on the respective subject pages 

Pull data on who applied, how many applied, and how many for at least the top 10 applicants

9 May 2016Staff

Pending - Online resources to consider:

25Send meeting invites for WT efforts, avoiding CWG-IANA, CCWG-WS21 Aug 2016StaffComplete 
26Provide input to the CCT-RT applicant survey by Friday 5 August1 Aug 2016WG MembersComplete 
27Paul McGrady, Council liaison, to remind Councilors of need for participation8 Aug 2016Paul McGrady  
28Develop Preliminary Outcomes Google Doc29 June 2016StaffComplete - available here:

29Adjust rotating schedule to 0300, 1500, 2000 UTC, put together a long term schedule22 Aug 2016StaffComplete 

Ask for clarification from the IPC representatives re: meaning of their response to Question 1a -- IPC response, "No.  However, we note that there has, in fact, been no ongoing mechanism for which the policy called."

22 Aug 2016IPC  
31Submit response to GNSO Council regarding their inquiry19 Sept 2016AllComplete 
32Develop matrix for TLD types to help define attributes4 Oct 2016StaffComplete - draft created and available here: Will be further developed in a drafting team on TLD types. 
33Send poll for ICANN57 attendance4 Oct 2016StaffComplete 
34Integrate updated WT schedules into full WG work plan17 Oct 2016StaffComplete28 October 2016
35Identify topic leads in the GAC who are interested in PDP issues.28 Nov 2016Staff

Complete - GAC Working Groups are found here.

  • Under-served Regions WG - Alice Munya and Tracy Hackshaw
  • Geographic Names - Olga Cavalli
  • Etc.

Circulate PDF version of CC2 document

30 Jan 2017StaffComplete1 February 2017
37Send details of meetings currently requested/tentatively scheduled for ICANN58 to the WG list13 Feb 2017StaffComplete 

If WG members make comments about CC2 text on the call, they should insert a written note in the CC2 document reflecting that comment.

27 Feb 2017WG membersComplete 
39All WG members should read through text and suggest edits in the document.27 Feb 2017WG membersComplete 
40Edit text of CC2 questions as specified in meeting notes for 6 Mar (2017-03-06 New gTLD Subsequent Procedures PDP) and 7 Mar ( Mar 2017Staff and Leadership TeamComplete
41To follow up on draft CCT recommendations: Invite members of the CCT-RT to come to the next full WG meeting; Once we get the background we need to put our request for clarity on the questions in writing and submit as a comment so it will be clearer in their final report.28 Mar 2017Staff and Leadership TeamComplete
42Send out kick-off email and set up Google documents to begin work of Drafting Teams.28 Mar 2017StaffComplete
43Edit text of WG response to CCT Draft Recommendations as described in meeting notes: 2017-05-02 New gTLD Subsequent Procedures PDP2 May 2017StaffComplete
44Staff will develop a graphic for the predictability framework29 Aug 2017StaffComplete
45Send follow-up email to Tom Dale to see if the GAC can provide a co-leader on a provisional basis prior to ICANN60. 9 Oct 2017Co-Chairs/StaffComplete

Co-Chairs will contact Ombudsman regarding concerns raised on this call.

11 Dec 2017Co-chairsComplete (resolved without need to contact Ombudsman)
47In "Rounds" document, second to last bullet -- rewrite it to include ICANN (as in the last bullet). Change to "Of ICANN or the new gTLD program."12 Feb 2018Co-Chairs/Staff


Develop poll to distribute to the WG based on questions displayed on slide 9 and on to 10.

27 Feb 2018Co-Chairs/Staff

49Revisit discussions with GDD about items that could help to speed up implementation.27 Feb 2018Co-Chairs/Staff

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