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Sub Group B
Application Submission
1.5.1Application FeesWork Track 1
1.5.2Variable FeesWork Track 1
1.5.3Application Submission PeriodWork Track 1
1.5.4Applicant SupportWork Track 1
1.5.5Terms & ConditionsWork Track 2
Application Processing
1.6.1Application QueuingWork Track 1
Application Evaluation/Criteria
1.7.1Reserved NamesWork Track 2 ProtectionsWork Track 2 NamesWork Track 5
1.7.2Registrant ProtectionsWork Track 2
1.7.3Closed GenericsWork Track 2
1.7.4String SimilarityWork Track 3
1.7.5IDNsWork Track 4
1.7.6Security and StabilityWork Track 4
1.7.7Applicant Reviews: Technical/Operational,  Financial and Registry ServicesWork Track 4
1.7.8Name CollisionsWork Track 4
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