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Sub Group A
Overarching Issues
1.2.1Continuing Subsequent ProceduresOverarching Issues
1.2.2PredictabilityOverarching Issues
1.2.1Community EngagementOverarching Issues
 1.2.2Clarity of Application ProcessWork Track 1
1.2.3Applications Assessed in RoundsOverarching Issues
1.2.4Different TLD TypesOverarching Issues
1.2.5Applications Submission LimitsOverarching Issues
1.2.6Accreditation Programs (e.g., RSP Pre-Approval)Work Track 1
Foundational Issues
1.3.1Competition, Consumer Choice and Consumer TrustWork Track 1
1.3.2Global Public InterestWork Track 2
1.3.3Applicant Freedom of ExpressionWork Track 3
1.3.4Universal AcceptanceWork Track 4
Pre-Launch Activities
1.4.1Applicant GuidebookWork Track 1
1.4.2CommunicationsWork Track 1
1.4.3SystemsWork Track 1
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