The call for the New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Working Group will take place on Monday, 04 February 2019 at 20:00 UTC for 90 minutes.

12:00 PST, 15:00 EST, 21:00 Paris CET, (Tuesday) 01:00 Karachi PKT, (Tuesday) 05:00 Tokyo JST, (Tuesday) 07:00 Melbourne AEDT 

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1. Review Agenda/Statements of Interest

2. Being Review of Supplemental Initial Report Public Comments – see the document at:

-- General Comments

-- 2.1 Auctions: Mechanisms of Last Resort

3. AOB




Adobe Connect Recording

GNSO transcripts are located on the GNSO Calendar


Attendance & AC chat

Apologies: Annebeth Lange, Alan Greenberg, Javier Rúa-Jovet, Kavouss Arasteh


Notes/ Action Items

1. Updates to Statements of Interest (SOIs): No updates

2. Update on the Application Status document:

-- Received application status from ICANN Org, Jeff added additional context.

-- Some (in orange) are closed but application not withdrawn.

-- Others not approved, or delegated, but application note withdrawn.

-- This is not related to the last round, but for the purpose of the discussion of what it means to have a round that is closed and what point can you start another round.

-- Any applications that aren't delegated or not withdrawn -- show as still officially in the system.  Not considered "open".

-- Sub Group B is talking about the issue of refunds and fees for future rounds, this discussion is pertinent.

From the chat:

Anne Aikman-Scalese: COMMENT:  @Jeff I don't think the ICANN systems considers .eco "Open". as you stated.   It says "Will NOT proceed" under the ICANN status.  COMMENT

Anne Aikman-Scalese: COMMENT:  I think we would have to seek public comment on the definition of when a round closes.  COMMENT

3. Review of Supplemental Initial Report Public Comments – see the document at:


-- 5 issues that WorkTracks 1-4 had sent out in a Supplemental Issue Report.

-- Question: What will we do with the document?  Triaging?  Discussion?  Answer: This is the triaging.  We'll take notes of anything substantive.  Review the comments, make sure we understand them, if there are clarifying questions.  Making sure that if there are new ideas that the full WG could start thinking about these questions.

General Comments:

Line 4, ICANN Board -- started discussion on these issues.  Concern related to whether the WG has talked about new things that could lead to abuses.  Whether new recommendations could lead to abuses, such as with auctions of last resort and private resolutions.  Also, alterations to the change request mechanism.  Concerned about adding functions that would exceed ICANN's scope or mission.

-- Question: The second paragraph and very last sentence -- relates to items we've tagged as new ideas?  What happens to those items?  Answer: We flagged the issue and had an initial conversation with the full WG.  On recommendations, if we don't reach consensus on a recommendation, then we default to the 2012 policy.  Or we can let the Board make the call. 

Line 5, RySG -- Points out that their comments generally reflect multiple view points.

From the chat:

avri doria: so the idea is not new but is one that was heard discussed in the past - how do we avoid finding ourselves in another one of these long intervalas between procedures..  also we were not loooking for answers anytime sooner than the final report.

Anne Aikman-Scalese: COMMENT @ Jeff - agree with your summary but I'm not sure that this reasoning applies to items which are labelled "New Idea".  It seems to fit more in the category of items that could need ongoing policy work as indicated by the Board comment.  COMMENT

2.1 Auctions: Mechanisms of Last Resort

General Comments:

Line 4, RrSG -- Agreement (supports alternatives to ICANN auctions listed in c.2)

Line 5, ICANN Board -- General Comment

Line 6, GAC -- Divergence (opposes auctions of last resort between commercial and non-commercial); disincentivize for commercial (private auctions more generally).

Line 7, ALAC -- Divergence (opposes auctions as mechanism of last resort) New Idea (supports Vickrey auction)

Line 8, Business Constituency -- Concerns (auction difficulties for less well-financed participants) New Idea (supports Vickrey auctions)

Line 9, ICANN Org -- Concerns (with changes to Terms and Conditions)


Line 11, Brand Registry Group -- Agreement

Line 12, Neustar -- Agreement

Line 13, RySG -- Agreement (with qualifications), New Idea

-- Good insights in call on 22 January with Monte Kahn.

Line 14, IPC -- Agreement (with qualifications) New Idea

Line 15, ICANN Org -- Concerns (requests for clarification)

Line 16, ALAC -- Divergence: The ALAC strongly opposes the retention of the regular highest-bid auction process which was used in the 2012 round (“regular auctions”) as the mechanism of last resort for resolution of contention sets within the Program.


Line 18, ALAC -- Agreement

Line 19, IPC -- Agreement

Line 20, Neustar -- Agreement (with qualifications)

Line 21, RySG -- Agreement (with qualifications) Concerns New Idea

Line 22, ICANN Org -- Concerns (requests for clarification)

Line 23, BRG -- Divergence (supports current process as mechanism of last resort)


Line 25, ALAC -- Agreement New Idea

Line 26, IPC -- Agreement New Idea (use of sealed bid auctions in limited circumstances)

Line 27, RySG -- Divergence (auctions/resolutions should take place after applications pass review) Agreement (support for Vickery Auction)

Line 28, Neustar -- Agreement (support consideration) Divergence (but not requirement for applicants to submit a bid upon application)

Line 29, BRG -- Divergence (supports current process as mechanism of last resort)


Line 31, IPC -- Concerns (predictabilty of mechanism/subjective criteria/freedom of expression)

Line 32, ALAC -- Concerns

Line 33, RySG -- Divergence (strongly objects to content-based evaluation)

Line 34, BRG -- Divergence (support current process as mechanism of last resort)

Line 35, Neustar - Divergence (does not support as a viable option)


Line 37, Neustar -- Agreement (if not mandatory).

Line 38, IPC -- Agreement (if not mandatory)

Line 39, RySG -- Agreement (with qualifications) Divergence (concerns about flipping/limits business choices)

Line 40, BRG -- Divergence (support current process as mechanism of last resort)

Line 41, ALAC -- Divergence (no ability to apply meritorious comparative evaluation/licensing requirement for ICANN)


Line 43, BRG -- Divergence (supports current process as a mechanism of last resort)

Line 44, ALAC -- Divergence (would favour larger entities with multiple applications and affect applicants' strategies)

Line 45, RySG -- Divergence (can't guarantee fewer applications/prejudicial to applicants for more than one TLD)

Line 46, IPC -- Divergence (impossible to define and police)

Line 47, Neustar -- Divergence


Line 49, ALAC -- New Idea (supports Vickrey auction re: Option 2.1.d.1)

Line 50, RySG -- New Idea (some support "sealed bid" but as "last resort"/some support Vickery Auction with mulipliers)

Line 51, BRG -- Divergence (support current process as mechanism of last resort)

Line 52, IPC -- Divergence (disagree that auctions of last resort are unfair)

Line 53, Neustar -- Divergence (disagree that auctions of last resort are unfair)

Line 54, NCSG -- Divergence (disagree that auctions of last resort are unfair)


Line 56, ALAC -- Agreement (support for a muliplier feature, but on the Vickrey auction)

Line 57, Neustar -- Agreement (with qualifications -- needs to be "means tested")

Line 58, NCSG -- Agreement (with qualifications -- also for other underserved groups; concept is not new)

Line 59, RySG -- Agreement (with qualifications) New Idea (suggestion for more data)

Line 60, BRG -- Divergence (support current process as mechanism of last resort)

Line 61, IPC -- Divergence (concerns about abuse of process)

4. AOB -- Update on the Timeline

-- Draft timeline has been circulated to the Leadership team, but not to the full WG.

-- Try to identify when the Sub Groups complete their work but also the full WG meetings.

-- Before ICANNN64 there will be 1-2 back-to-back meetings of the full WG; Sub Groups should be complete except for Sub Group B.

-- Full WG will try to make progress on reports from Sub Groups.

-- Kobe: Two days with sessions -- most on Saturday and one on Wednesday.  So WG and WT5 on Saturday, and WG meeting on Wednesday.

From the chat:

Steve Chan: @Donna, i think there are two full WG sessions on Saturday and one on Wednesday. And as Jeff said, there will also be two WT5 sessions on Saturday.

Jim Prendergast: be great if the timeline also included reconcillation with WT5 as well as Deliver to GNSO and what happens from there.  Obviously dates for that is difficult but seeing the road map will help.

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