IGF Mexico Dec  5 to 10

Rules of Procedures

  • Meeting of  working committee to reformat the  existing Rules of Procedures 
  • Volunteer  John More agreed to be the Pen Holder

CROPP Reports

  • Sign off on Tom and Leah's  CROPP reports
  • Communication to membership of the remaining trip and suggestions 

Policy Pilot Project

  • Gordon and Glenn attended the first Policy Drafting Meeting



  • Draft version of the  new  electronic version of the brochure-clickable brochure and  ebook version  with communication staff completed expect launch at  GA
  • Mail Card draft commenced





  • November  Meetings 
    • Attendance on ___ attendees
    • Confirmation that  Javier Jua ( ALAC appointee) will be a sponsored traveller to  our  GA
    • On Nov 8th  Face to Face meeting for the Annual Year in Review
    • ICANNPPT_NARALO_Annual report.ppt (1).pdf

  • Communication 
    • Distribute a short survey on Policy Topics  interest 
  • Volunteerism
    • Request for  a doodle for the Rules of Procedures call for  week of  Nov 21
  • Engagement 
    • Announce the next round of  Fellowship open to  NA
    • Announce at call that  24% of responses on  ATLARGE REVIEW  SURVEY, highest response rate
    • CROPP report by  Leah on the  ARIN trip
    • Call  again for the outstanding trip for  CROPP
    • Tribal Ambassador report of pilot project

  • ICANN 57




  • October Call
    • Attendance on 19 attendees and 11 ALS
    • Review of  attendance sheets for past six months
  • Communication 
    • ICANN 57 Naralo Annual Review prepared for the face to face meeting
    • New Newsletter for October 
    • `Preparation of APRALO Buttons to support  outreach and engagement to the fellows
    • Feedback to  ICANN staff on CROPP report
  • Volunteerism
    • BCEC and BMSPC meetings
  • Engagement 
    • News that the Fellowship criteria is expanded to include North America
    • NARALO Policy Interest Poll sent to membership
    • Outreach to new  Unaffiliated membership
    • Promotion to membership to do the  ATLARGE REVIEW  SURVEY
    • CROPP Followup  survey of Travellers
    • ARIN trip to Dallas by  Leah S
    • One trip remaining for FY 17 for CROPP
  • ICANN 57
    • Assistance to all NARALO travellers on their travel logistics  to ICANN 58




  • September  call
    • 30 attendees
  • Work in Progress page created to track results
  • Communication 
    • New  E Brochure created and sent to staff for mockup
    • Changes on website to remove errors
    • Year in Review slideshow under construction
  • Decertification 
    • Confirmation email from Darlene on leaving NARALO, no response from ALAC
  • Engagement
    • Followup with Open Media  and  America ATLARGE on participation 
  • Volunteerism
    • BCEC and BMSPC volunteers  nominated and accepted
  • ICANN 57
    • Active communication with John Laprise, Louis Houle and the TA ambassadors on their travel




  • Monthly meeting
  • Review and selection of substitute for  Garth Bruen for  ICANN 57-  Dr John Laprise is the replacement
  • Review and selection by committee of the  Tribal Ambassadors
  • Feedback to Ariel on broken links on new NARALO website.  Request to change old picture 
  • Application for  CROPP by  Tom and  Leah
  • Outreach to Randy Glass, Satish, Darlene and Mark Urban to participate
    • Mark spoke with  Judith and Glenn to be active
    • Judith spoke with Statish
    • Darlene group request for decertification to staff
    • Randy sent email warning  letter for potential decertification 



  • No Monthly meeting 
  • John Laprise  volunteered on July 12 for the ALAC Appointee Selection Committee 
  • Creation of the August NARALO Call agenda
  • Encouragement for two new ALS  applications-   Dr. Rob McMahon 
  • Received one new  ALS  application from John LaPrise
  • Promotion of  NARALO at the IGF USA  in attendance  Judith, David, Glenn,  Seth and Louis
  • Feedback to the CROPP RT  Team as followup to changes in CROPP 
  • Emails to  Darlene Thompson, Mark Urban,  Randy Glass  and S. SIngh reminding them of their  ALS obligations
  • Planning  Adobe Connect  call with the volunteer committee  for the   TAP
  • Creation of the procedures for application for the  Tribal Ambassorship Program TAP
  • Creation of  online form for  applicants for TAP
  • Planning Adobe Connect call for the  Naralo GA
  • Two volunteers for  the  DDDPP    Gordon and Glenn


June Monthly Reports

  • Two  meetings this month
    • Helsinki 
    • Normal  meeting 


May Monthly Reports

  • Monthly call with 19 attendees
  • First time French translation on monthly call
  • Acclaimed positions with NARALO
    • Chair- Glenn McKnight
    • Secretariat-Judith Hellerstein
    • NOMCOM- Eduardo Diaz
  • Election for  ALAC  position between  Louis Houle and Alan Greenberg
  • Agenda 
  • Application from  ISOC  North Carolina being reviewed
  • Creation of  the  CROPP  Strategic Plan submitted to GSE
  • Revisions on  the  Rules of  Procedures on  the decertification process
  • Decertification process to ALAC commenced
    • Attempt to contact  Michael  Miranda again, no response

April Monthly Reports 

  • Followup with  ISOC North Carolina
  • Outreach to community resulting in a record 25 names on the April 11th call
  • Community interest in French and Spanish on the monthly NARALO calls
  • Call for volunteers on the new  NARALO Mailcard
  • Followup with ISOC Special Needs and Randy Glass
  • Followup with ARIN on the MOU 


  • Oureach at the  SSIG in Washington - ISOC North Carolina potential ALS
  • ALAC announced that  ISOC Washington  DC  is the newest  NARALO  ALS
  • Training of  ISOC  Washington to be organized  with Paul Brigner and  David Vorst
  • They will be doing a short  presentation in April or May of ISOC  DC
  • Attendance at  16NTC in San Jose for  NARALO outreach and  Global Summit in Vancouver -2 Cropp Trips
  • ICANN 55 in Marakesh 



  • Submission to the  ALAC for vote on ISOC Washington DC
  • Rough consensus on the acceptance of  ISOC  Washington DC as a  new  ALS
  • Communication challenges with ICANN Constituency Travel for  Le Marie and Alfredo's  Cropp  trips which were approved for their  travel and hotels




  • Due diligence on new  ALS  application from  ISOC Washington DC
  • Outreach to non participatory ALS
  • Request to  non participatory ALS  who are not interested in participatory to send a request to be removed from the list 




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