• Logistics  

Room   Olympic  at  ICANN host  hotel 



3. Theme and Key Note Speaker need to be defined and invited
Loris proposes Jacqueline Johnson - National Congress of American Indians - Bio and photo will be needed.- On wiki

4. Anthony Niiganii  to do a short success story - Glenn McKnight  to coordinate-  Requested on Sept 17 

5.  Sponsorship: Olivier Crepin-Leblond will provide an update in the next couple of days.

6.  Glenn McKnight will edit and produce a motivational and up beat video-in progress- 2 minutes

7  Glenn McKnight to  provide  a shorten  NARALO Slidehow- Done - Uploaded

8. Glenn McKnight to query the list for a headcount of NARALO ALSes members attending the event -  10 ALses attendees.-Done

9. Theme decided : "Our Internet, Our Stories, Our Network"  -- First Nations and the World- Done

10 Hoop Dancer performance- Update to be provided next week by Loris Taylor - Underway

11 . Glenn McKnight to send a brief note to Olivier on the theme and scope of the event.- Done


Evening  Theme:  Our Internet, Our Stories, Our Network-First Nations and  The  World



Hoop  Dancers  - Loris Taylor



J. Pata - Loris  Taylor - Native  American

Haben Girma- Disable Issues




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