1.  Slideshow with NARALO ALS Loris Taylor and Glenn McKnight 



2.  Key Note  Speaker:


- Rinalia Abdul Rahim


-Elon Musk (suggested by Murray)

- Kathy Brown


3. On Roster:

- Steve Crocker

- Fadi Chehadi

- Rinalia Abdul Rahim

- Alan Greenberg


Group to look for an inspirational speaker (someone from the disability community?) - Glenn McKnight to gather proposals


Loris Taylor proposal: Jacqueine Johnson-Pata is also a good speaker.   She is the Executive Director of the National Congress of American Indians


4.  Potential sponsors-


Glenn McKnight  to follow up with Olivier Crepin-Leblond  regarding obtaining funds from the following:






5.  Silvia Vivanco to create a sign up sheet for the outreach activity in the WIKI page.

Silvia Vivanco to get a model of the APRALO Business card and QR code - cost


6. Next call: Monday 15th   September at 1600 UTC



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