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This space is provided to solicit community feedback and suggestions for the final version. Please comment on this space by April 30th, 2017. Your input is most appreciated!


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  1. One of the problems we have here in New York city is the lack of opportunities for engagement in the governance of the .nyc TLD. With our city charter having been written in 1978, the role of the Internet was not considered. Consequently, there are no formal channels for public participation in policy setting for the .nyc TLD.

    Here's one approach. Begin by working with entities such as the New York Internet Society and Connecting.nyc Inc., the local At-Large Structures, in organizing education efforts. Start with presentations by ICANN on TLD governance in other TLD territories, e.g., the U.K. and Canada have workable structures.

    This might be followed up with a recommendation for a multistakeholder or other local structure to facilitate public interface with the city of New York, the holder of the .nyc TLD license.

  2. Tom,  as a presenter at the GA in New Orleans, we ask all the presenters to create a collaboration notes page on relevant supportive materials.   What do you recommend that   our  GSE can do to incorporate our community expertise into the GSE outreach on this issue.  My understanding is that the Canadian Association of Munciipalities would be interested in a panel.  We need to do together with ICANN senior staff.  Do we have a mechanism to work more collaboratively?