Outreach And Engagement Workspace aims to collect, share and distribute information about the various  NARALO outreach efforts 

  1. Events
    IGF Geneva
    Full report on the booth activities, pictures and results
    Below is the five names that was secured at the event identified as  North American
  2. FBSC  Submissions  FY 18
    1. Global Indigenous Fellowship- Approved
    2. NASIG- PR- Approved
  3. Crop FY 18
    1. ARIN- San Jose- Oct 2017-Completed
    2. NASIG- San Juan- March 2018
    3. ARIN-Miami-April
    4. Add
    5. Add
  4.  PLANS
    1.   NARALO Strategic Plan- Alfredo
    2.   NA  GSE  Plans
    3.   North American  Space Plans 
    4.   CROP Strategic  Plan- Due June/July 2018

  5. Discretionary Funds- Fy 17
    1. ARIN on the Road  $1,500
    2. ARIN San Jose - Oct/17- $250
    3. Pre ICANN 61 Readout- Feb -$250

6.  NARALO Showcase


Budget  - Total available from ICANN: $1200

  • Street Music - Group Name: Rumba Plena - "Pleneros" - $375

7  NARALO  Booth 


Morning Break


Afternoon Break

Glenn McKnight

Morning Break


Afternoon Break

Glenn McKnight

Morning Break


Afternoon Break

Glenn McKnight

Morning Break


Afternoon Break

Glenn McKnight

NARALO Booth  RALO Leads signup form   https://tinyurl.com/y7nlybow

FY 19 Plans

  1. FBSC  Submissions  FY 19
    1. Global Indigenous Fellowship- Loris Taylor
    2. NARALO Spanish Language brochure and mailcard
    3. NARALO IGF submission- Judith

  2. Crop FY 19
    1. ARIN Vancouver  October
    2. ARIN April 2019
    3. Digital Inclusion 2019
  3. CROP FY 19 Plan- Due June/July 2018
  4. Discretionary Funds- Fy 19- $4,000

FBSC  Proposals  due on January 12




NARALO @ IGFJudith Hellerstein
NARALO Brochures and Mailcard in SpanishGlenn McKnight


Oct 2017Adrian Schmidtaschmidt@burmanu.caARIN Meeting-San JoseOn holidays in Argentina

Jeremy Austinjeremy@heritagecontracting.usARIN Meeting-San JoseResponded not interested now

David Farmerfarmer@umn.eduARIN Meeting-San JoseCold to the idea
Dec 22Jackiejachie@gmail.comIGF Geneva
Dec 22Bu Zhongzhongbu@psu.eduIGF Geneva
Dec 22Maria Beekemaria.beeke@gmail.comIGF GenevaBounced back
Dec 22Melissa Sassimesassi@microsoft.comIGF Geneva
Dec 22Courtneycmccarty@doc.govIGF Geneva
Jan 5Coppens Pasteur Ndayirague

ICANN 61 FellowsRequest communication from Siranush

Danielle Tomson

David Cristian Morar

Joined as ALC

Jennifer Cordero

Lauren Burkhart

Matthew Rantanen


Waleed Almarshedi

Nasrat Khalid

NexGen Fellows

Savannah BadalichColumbia University

Jesús Colón RosadoUniversity of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus

Justin CrayCornell University

Fransleidy de Jesús DíazNational University College

Juan A. Figueroa RosadoUniversity of Puerto Rico at Bayamón

Allan FretUniversity of Puerto Rico

Sarah IngleTrinity College, University of Toronto

Gabriel Jiménez BarrónUniversity of Puerto Rico School of Law

Ishan MehtaGeorgia Institute of Technology

Kaitlyn Rose KarpenkoColumbia Law School

Haley LeppUniversity of Washington

Anna Cecile LoupUniversity of Southern California

Carolle VodouheUniversity of Montreal

Shamar WardUniversity of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus

James Wesley WilsonUniversity of California, Los Angeles

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