Gisella Gruber-White:Welcome to the NARALO Monthly call on Monday 10 February 2014 at 2000 UTC
  Gisella Gruber-White:Agenda:
  Alfredo Calderon:Hello, all. I will just be listening.
  Glenn McKNight:Hi
  Gordon Chillcott:Hi.
  Silvia Vivanco:Hello all
  Garth Bruen:Hello all
  Glenn McKNight:Louis I got the NOMCOM brochures today from staff
  Eduardo Diaz:!Hola a todos!
  judith hellerstein:Hi All
  Alfredo Calderon:Saludos Eduardo. Nos vemos en un rato.
  Gisella Gruber-White:Avri Doria and Seth Reiss have joined the call
  Peter Knight:Greetings from Globetrotter in Rio ;-)
  judith hellerstein:Globetrotters in DC is also here
  Silvia Vivanco:Gisella is looking into the mail lists requests
  Gisella Gruber-White:@ All - reminder to please say your name when speaking for transcript purposes
  Alan Greenberg:Length of agenda is unreal!
  judith hellerstein:yes and people wanted to add to it today
  Kerry Brown:I have no sound going to try a different computer
  Gisella Gruber-White:Tom Lowenhaupt has joined the call
  judith hellerstein:sorry.
  Evan Leibovitch:someone on the call appears not to like the agenda
  Eduardo Diaz:There is a baby that want to talk
  judith hellerstein:it is like the youtube commercial
  Avri Doria:staff does not whine.!
  Evan Leibovitch:have to step away for a moment. brb
  Glenn McKNight:Note  the Accessibility Workshop call is this week
  Silvia Vivanco:
  Evan Leibovitch:back.
  Silvia Vivanco:The At-Large Ad-hoc ICANN Accessibility Working Group is a new group
  Silvia Vivanco:see the WIKI
  Silvia Vivanco:above
  Silvia Vivanco:correct the GALA was chnaged
  Silvia Vivanco:changed
  judith hellerstein:This is the singapore meeting right not the london one
  Glenn McKNight:Thanks for all who have joined this is one of teh largest NARALO attendee calls 18 members
  Alan Greenberg:Gala moved due to local issues. Not a plan for future meetings.
  Glenn McKNight:ok
  Glenn McKNight:Edwardo do you have details on the mentoring program?
  Glenn McKNight:Can you provide the links
  Glenn McKNight:ok
  Glenn McKNight:Thanks
  Glenn McKNight:It's a moving target
  Joly MacFie:I am interested in teh Disability WG. Should I contact CLO?
  judith hellerstein:Glenn I signed on to something that you are running. What was it?
  Peter Knight:@Glen, looking forward to a visual as well as textual report on the upcoming meetings in Singapore, London.
  Glenn McKNight:She is the interim chair
  Glenn McKNight:@ Joly  I would email her
  Glenn McKNight:Sorry for the record who is speaking?
  Peter Knight:Idem, who just spoke?
  judith hellerstein:It was Ogi Mitev of ISOC colorado
  Peter Knight:Have the fellowships for the T&T SSIG workshop been announced yet?
  Glenn McKNight:Thanks Judith
  Glenn McKNight:I was busy taking notes
  Peter Knight:They were supposed to be announced in first week of February. I applied, no answer.
  Avri Doria:on in april.  in tend to get there one way or another.  not sure i will get a seat or funding, but i am counting on getting there.
  Garth Bruen:Thanks avri
  Peter Knight:Me too, have applied to NetMundial people, many of whom I know.
  Glenn McKNight:Thanks  Darlene
  Louis Houle:I received an email a few minutes ago. Some small details are asked.
  Konstantin Kalaitzidis (SFBayISOC):Just to calrify -- there are 5 CROPP trips allowed for all of NARALO -- it is not ALS specific?
  Glenn McKNight:We need to encourage  one more submission for  CROPP  keep in mind the necessary 6 or more week turn aroound
  Glenn McKNight:5 for each group
  Silvia Vivanco:We noted your efforts Garth!
  Silvia Vivanco:and Glenn
  Glenn McKNight:We have five slots for NARALO
  Silvia Vivanco:good job
  Avri Doria:i am spending  the next 3 weeks at WSIS MPP, IGF, WGEC and IETF.  not sure that this is important to the region, though
  Peter Knight:Querry -- SSIG again -- when will aceptances be announced??
  Konstantin Kalaitzidis (SFBayISOC):Thank you Glennn for the CROPP response
  Silvia Vivanco:I was speaking no we do not have
  Silvia Vivanco:staff
  Silvia Vivanco:visually impaired
  Glenn McKNight:It's  US  Law to have a policy for hiring and contracting under the  Section 508
  Glenn McKNight:I see Yubelkys in the list
  Alfredo Calderon:We have in puerto Rico a fairly well known resource for a blind accessibilty workshop or what is being done in Puerto Rico. - Prof. Jose "Manolo" Alvarez - at
  Glenn McKNight:she is typing
  Yubelkys:yes I am talking
  Tom Lowenhaupt:dial-in?
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:on phone or on adobe connect?
  Silvia Vivanco:Gisella can you please look into this? upload ppt
  Matt Ashtiani:@garth - i will start the presentation
  Silvia Vivanco:please
  Glenn McKNight:Please post their slides
  Yubelkys:yes please
  Glenn McKNight:waiting for the slides to be posted by staff
  Glenn McKNight:Great
  Yubelkys:i am calling
  Silvia Vivanco:Matt is working on it
  Glenn McKNight:I can see it
  Glenn McKNight:no sound
  Gisella Gruber-White:Leah Symekher joined the call
  judith hellerstein:Perhaps they should have tested this before hand
  Yubelkys:I jast called in
  judith hellerstein:I only see the opening slide
  Silvia Vivanco:Hello yes we can hear you!!
  Glenn McKNight:Success
  Glenn McKNight:Welcome
  judith hellerstein:no i can not hear anything or can only see the front page
  judith hellerstein:now it is working
  Peter Knight:Just expostulate, don't repeat the slides!
  Peter Knight:Small text not visible in AC
  Peter Knight:28,000???
  Alfredo Calderon:Yes, Peter 28,000 faculty members.
  Peter Knight:In each institution, or tota?
  Alfredo Calderon:More than 500,000 students.
  Glenn McKnight:Really neat
  Peter Knight:Must be total faculty, not a requirement to have 28 k faculty per institution.
  Alfredo Calderon:Yes, Peter among all institutions.
  Glenn McKnight:
  Yubelkys:yes, total faculty at sll member institutions
  judith hellerstein:and peter knight as well
  Louis Houle:I will send you our choice next week, Glenn
  Peter Knight:I am also CAT!
  Silvia Vivanco:Welcome David Allnut and Capital area Globtrotters
  Alfredo Calderon:Great short video interviews.
  Glenn McKnight:
  Alfredo Calderon:I saw them over the weekend.
  Peter Knight:Video not visible on AC
  Glenn McKnight:Ten videos for everyone to enjoy
  Peter Knight:Aha.
  Glenn McKnight:Too big  you can download them
  Glenn McKnight:We are looking for leaders in Canada on Internet Issues
  judith hellerstein:is this part of your isoc grant?
  Glenn McKnight:No
  Silvia Vivanco: (see NARALO Report)
  Glenn McKnight:Also the  Accessiblity WOrking Group
  Glenn McKnight:
  Silvia Vivanco: (Alain Berranger)
  Silvia Vivanco:our condolences to his family and friends
  Glenn McKnight:The last couple of years I managed to capture a number of images and video of NPOC and Alain so we have his eloquent and thoughtful insights  recorded.  Here is a playlist of the NPOC Sessions
  Avri Doria:I worked with him in NCSg, and he was maeverlous.  However, he did not start it, otherse did.
  Avri Doria:he chhanged the atmospher that the others haad started.
  Alfredo Calderon:Our condolences to his family and friends from HETS Staff
  Glenn McKnight:Louis has submitted his report
  Glenn McKnight:for NOMCOM
  Glenn McKnight:No report yet  on Accessibility our first call this week
  Glenn McKnight:Louis I have bookmarks from staff today.  Delivered within a few days to take to ARIN and NTEN
  Alan Greenberg:Note that 6.1.3 is NOT part of this section. Should be under 6.7
  Glenn McKnight:Noted
  Peter Knight:I thought NOMCOM is no longer accepting nominations.
  Peter Knight:To Board.
  Alan Greenberg:NomCom is just starting its work
  Glenn McKnight:Louis can you provide the timeline for everyone
  Peter Knight:I sat in on a meeting where they were discussing, I thought, that they were done receiving nominations. Perhaps I misunderstood. There were three candidates already endorsed, a few more under consideration. Three RALOS have to support a nomination.
  Silvia Vivanco:NOMCOM:
  Silvia Vivanco:ATRT 2:
  Alan Greenberg:Peter, I think you are talking about the selection of the At-Large Director, not the NomCom appointed positions that Luis was talking about.
  Peter Knight:Ah, @Alan, I was confused!
  Alan Greenberg:Oops - Louis
  Tom Lowenhaupt:Louder please Olivier.
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:London Mobile Phone Network is rubbish -- hence not loud enough
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:I have the mic an inch away from my mouth
  Glenn McKnight:I have submitted for ATRT last week
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:anywhere else in the world my phone works but in London 50% of the time it sounds like I'm in Timbuktu
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:very far away
  Alan Greenberg:Does that mean it DOESN'T work in Timbuktu??
  judith hellerstein:Is there any video option to see who is  speaking?
  Glenn McKnight:nope
  Silvia Vivanco:Finance and Budget SC:
  judith hellerstein:i heard you. volume was a little soft but very clear
  Alan Greenberg:Often the person speaking is shown with their hand up....  Olivier now.
  Louis Houle:Time line for NomCom 2014
  Louis Houle:
  Glenn McKnight:Thanks Louis
  Silvia Vivanco:BMSPC:
  Glenn McKnight:Important for NARALO this year is the  Two At Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) representatives (one each from the Europe, and North America regions)
  Avri Doria:Can a candidate name his repalcement?  
  Avri Doria:seems somewhat problematic.
  Glenn McKnight:Applications will be considered in confidence and should be received by 1 April 2014 for full consideration. Selections are scheduled to be announced in August 2014. Successful candidates will take up their positions following ICANN's Annual Meeting in October 2014.
  Louis Houle:I lost the phoneline
  judith hellerstein:what are we voting for now?
  Seth Reiss:yes, please clarify
  Silvia Vivanco:Please Garth clarify the question
  Heidi Ullrich 2:I see 5
  Avri Doria:Picking ones one is an awful idea!  worst of political inbreeding.
  Heidi Ullrich 2:Hi all, apologies for being late
  judith hellerstein:so this is how you voite?
  Glenn McKnight:Louis remove your checkmark
  Avri Doria:only reps voting?
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:on a call -- it is not a vote per-se. It's just taking the temperature of the room
  Peter Knight:Can't see how to puot in the checkmark
  judith hellerstein:should everyone be voting or just some people
  Seth Reiss:Its hard to vote if we have been asking for the issue to be clarified
  Avri Doria:i am shocked it is even being considered.
  Peter Knight:I try clicking on my line in place where other check marks are. I vote in favor the current (anywhere in NARALO territory)
  judith hellerstein:yes I have no idea how to vote
  Evan Leibovitch:shocked that what is being considered?
  Glenn McKnight:Agreed
  Tom Lowenhaupt:Agree
  Alan Greenberg:Decsision of NARALO can be taken during a meeting. The specific replacement issue does require a formal vote (per ALAC RoP)
  Peter Knight:How do we get broader representation geographically by keeping discussion in the immediate vicinity of existing members?
  leah symekher:thks
  Avri Doria:yes, Even, it smells of cigar filled back room, let me pick someone i think will vote for me.
  Avri Doria:even if that is not what you are doing, it smells of it.
  Heidi Ullrich 2:Accessibility WG workspace:
  Glenn McKnight:We will have this call on Thursday 13th at 1900 UTC - I will send out the meeting invitation later today.
  Peter Knight:I can smell the virtual cigar smoke ;-)
  Glenn McKnight:THis is the very first call  we haven't set the meeting agenda etc
  Heidi Ullrich 2:PD page:
  Alan Greenberg:Avri, replacement explicitly bound by RoP to "ALAC Members, or any individual selected to replace an ALAC Member for the purposes of the vote, are encouraged to consult with the RALO from their region, but voting will however be undirected and votes must be cast in the best interests of At-Large, the ALAC and ICANN." If NARALO would vote for ANYONE that they feel would not honour this, they should be shot.
  Garth Bruen:No official descision on the voting at the moment
  Avri Doria:and then i might think that there may be a conflict between being on noman and voting here.
  Avri Doria:... on nomcom and ...
  Avri Doria:since they will have conflicting purposes.
  Avri Doria:and will have inside knowledge others dont have, which is not a propoer NAROL consideration in the vote.
  Avri Doria:Seems a terrible idea in so many ways.
  Alan Greenberg:There is no proscription about someone on a SO/AC who selects a Board member from serving on the NomCom (not that I am aware of anyways)
  Glenn McKnight:Anyone interested to showcase in April or May for the SPOTLIGHT?
  Avri Doria:i know, Avri, prepress yourself!
  Avri Doria:repress ...
  Avri Doria:Evan, who picks the memebrs of these Boards?
  leah symekher:apologies, I have to drop off. Took my one hour lunch-time for this Meeting so need to report back.  great agenda. will follow up with Konstantin.  thx all
  Evan Leibovitch:Avri: That level of detail has not yet been fully cooked
  Seth Reiss:stepping away
  Evan Leibovitch:The email thread I referred to can be found here:
  Garth Bruen:@Avri, this is all clearly an issue which needs more detail, not going to make snap descisons on this
  Avri Doria:Evan that is a critical issue.  BTW, why isn't this a policy change.  and if so, shouldn't it got thorugh PDP?
  Louis Houle:Yes Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish
  Silvia Vivanco:And also if a contract between the parties needs to be translated the contracting parties will probably request it
  Seth Reiss:back
  Avri Doria:Garth, I recommend where the process of choosing the replace voteers is done without engaging the candidates, and that it not take their considerations into account.
  Alan Greenberg:Multi-lingual RAA -
  Heidi Ullrich 2:2013 RAA:
  Alfredo Calderon:I have to excuse myself. I have a nother meeting in 15 minutes.
  Yubelkys:Adios Alfredo. Hablamos pronto!
  Alan Greenberg:English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian and Arabic.
  Heidi Ullrich 2:Portuguese!
  Alan Greenberg:No Portuguese in the list that I can see.
  Louis Houle:I was mentioning UN languages
  Louis Houle:Tom, I would like to be part of the discussion on city TLD
  Matt Ashtiani:airel :)
  judith hellerstein- Capital Area Globetrotters:Welcome Ariel. Look forward to meeting you when you get back to DC
  judith hellerstein- Capital Area Globetrotters:what number in the agenda are we up to?
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:dropped
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:London mobile networks
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:no worries I don't need to speak
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:please clsoe the call :-)
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:back on
  Yubelkys:Thank you for an interesting first meeting. looking forward to meet you in London!
  Tom Lowenhaupt:Got to go.Thanks everyone.
  judith hellerstein- Capital Area Globetrotters:Yes. Thanks as well. This was my first meeting as well
  Allan Skuce:Bye
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:Thank you for the excellent call, Garth!
  Glenn McKnight:tHANKS ALL
  Louis Houle:Thanks everyone
  Peter Knight:Well managed, Garyth
  Gisella Gruber-White:Thank you everyone
  Heidi Ullrich 2:Thanks, everyone!

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