NARALO 'Brainstorm' on the Development of a Procedure to Select the At-Large Representative to the Board

Date: Monday 21 August 2009

Time: 19:00 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)

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Summary Minutes: Summary Minutes 21 September 2009

Draft Procedure: Draft Procedure for the Director Appointment Process

Action Items: alacnaralo:Action Items 21 September 2009

Transcript: 21 August 2009 NARALO Brainstorm Transcript

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Purpose of the call:

As agreed on the NARALO call on Monday 14th September, this Single-issue ‘brainstorm’ is to discuss questions and issues related to the development of a procedure to select the At-Large representative to the Board.

NARALO members are encouraged to submit their questions and issues directly to this page using the comment feature.

Questions/Issues to be discussed:

Evaluating Process

I would suggest a procedure of 'grading' or evaluating process based upon key performance indicators of any nominees, this idea helps in a quick acid test for voters to vote confidently.

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Amongst issues I would like us to consider in this discussion:

  • Whether there will be a recall procedure implemented
  • The role of individual users – not just in NARALO, but in other regions
  • The role of NomComm-appointed members of ALAC, since the NomComm already sends people directly to the Board

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