At our  last  NARALO  call the  request by the Chair is to  to ask the community of any interest to become our  liaison between ARIN and  NARALO.

 The only expression of interest  has come from Kerry Brown. 

We also have been communicating with Susan Hamlin of  ARIN to consider a MOU between our two organizations.  Most of the RALO's  have  a close relationship and three of the five have  a  signed  MOU with their corresponding local organisation.

*American Registry for Internet Numbers* a not for profit, membership-based company operating the regional internet registry in the North American and Caribbean region and is one of the five Address Supporting Organizations of ICANN hereinafter referred to as “*ARIN**”*

To learn more about ARIN  visit

We will keep the community  informed on the progress of this MOU.  If possible  it would be great to have a  signing ceremony in LA  if all goes well.



  • On  Sept 23  a draft   MOU  was  sent to  Susan Hamlin  of  ARIN.  
  • Reminder  email on Sept 30 to Susan Hamlin
  • Wiki page  set up by  staff on Sept 30
  • Endorsement by  NARALO of  MOU from ARIN and NARALO
  • Organization of the Signing ceremony with John Curran, President  of  ARIN and  Evan Leibovitch Acting  Chair of  Naralo 
  • Signing  ceremony verified for  Sunday  Feb  8  at 5 15 to 5 30 pm Singapore time 
  • ICANN  staff  responsible for  gold  table cloth, pens,  copies of agreement and covers and NARALO pullup banner 
  • Glenn to volunteer  for  taking photos at signing event


    • Glenn   contact Susan on ARIN  banner
    • Evan:  short  blog  post on the  ARIN/NARALO  signing 
    • Email to  Silvia on the  history of  RALO agreements

DRAFT attached HERE



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  1. How have these relationships evolved, i.e., what type of programs / projects / etc. have been undertaken or planned in the 3 RALOs?