Glenn McKnight:i am back

  Gisella Gruber:Glenn - do you know James Lynn?

  Gisella Gruber:I think may be for previous call??

  Glenn McKnight:Over to Eduardo to chair call

  Silvia Vivanco:ok

  Glenn McKnight:what are we waiting for?

  Glenn McKnight:ok

  Glenn McKnight:yes i can

  Gisella Gruber:Welcome Susie!

  Glenn McKnight:no sign up sheets- online form for signup

  Silvia Vivanco:NARALO celebration wiki:

  Silvia Vivanco:with the details as we know them

  Glenn McKnight:missing  Alan in the agenda

  Glenn McKnight:I assume he gives  well wishes

  Silvia Vivanco:where would you add Alan

  Glenn McKnight:He is missing

  Silvia Vivanco:I think its 3 mins total

  Glenn McKnight:

  Glenn McKnight:198 pictures

  Glenn McKnight:its a collection of community member pictures

  Glenn McKnight:it can be rotating pictures

  Glenn McKnight:the video is only of the signing ceremony

  Glenn McKnight:no  bar

  Glenn McKnight:and sparklers

  Glenn McKnight:wow

  Glenn McKnight:its just a symbol

  Heidi Ullrich:It is the 11th anniverary of the signing

  Silvia Vivanco:sparkler is better in my opinion

  Silvia Vivanco:yes 11

  Glenn McKnight:i am fine with a small cake , hell with them.  Lets find a local voluneer in San Juan to bake one

  Glenn McKnight:a slab case at  Costco is cheaper

  Heidi Ullrich:or we pass around maple leaf cookies and some US sweet...

  Silvia Vivanco:the problem Glenn normally venues don't allow you to bring anything (food) from outside

  Glenn McKnight:Slab cake from Costco

  Glenn McKnight:

  Glenn McKnight:$18

  Glenn McKnight:Each cake serves 48 (5cm x 5cm servings)

  Glenn McKnight:$500 from PIR

  Glenn McKnight:Chasing   ISOC and Desiree for  500 each but no word yet

  Glenn McKnight:they promised news to me already but no  Verification

  Glenn McKnight:$1200 and  500  $1700 bucks  unless I get some money this week

  Glenn McKnight:Don't  forget i am bringing the  MAPLE LEAF  cookies

  Gisella Gruber:@ All - we will have a run through with meetings team prior to this eveng (likely on the Monday) so we can go through this

  Glenn McKnight:We have a E Form for  leads  no sign up sheets

  Glenn McKnight:We have  ATLARGE  Lapel pins

  Glenn McKnight:TV as well i sent the  197 pictures

  Glenn McKnight:Vanda, Glenn, Javier, Ed, Judith and Susannah  volunteered

  Glenn McKnight:I will be at the booth each morning

  Glenn McKnight:we have mailcards and a brochure

  Glenn McKnight:In spanish too?

  Silvia Vivanco:flyers = brochures produced by Comms are both in EN and ES

  Gisella Gruber:Will con firm back

  Gisella Gruber:just checking listing of booking

  Gisella Gruber:Photographer booked 13:00-13:30

  Glenn McKnight:i am good

  Gisella Gruber:that will be after speeches ... I will see if they can get there earlier

  Gisella Gruber:Gold or Yellow?


  Silvia Vivanco:yellow colors

  Glenn McKnight:i am good

  Glenn McKnight:yppee

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