Mario Aleman:Welcome to the NARALO Teleconference Call on Monday, 09 October 2017 at 19:00 UTC

  Mario Aleman:Draft agenda

  tom lowenhaupt:thanks

  Mario Aleman:Welcome, Tom

  tom lowenhaupt:I'm attending using a phone.- so I'll be limited in some ways.

  Mario Aleman:ok no problem

  Glenn McKnight:hi all

  tom lowenhaupt:hello Glenn.

  Gordon Chillcott:Hi, all.

  Glenn McKnight:thanks Mario

  Glenn McKnight:905 434 6655

  Glenn McKnight:hanging up

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):whoa echo

  Silvia Vivanco:Hello all Happy Thanksgiving to all in Canada

  Eve Edelson:hello all & happy Thanksgiving

  Eve Edelson:yes Judith

  Matthew Rantanen:Thanks Glenn, Good to be here

  Silvia Vivanco:Welcome Joe

  Marita Moll:Thank you. Good to be here

  Joe Catapano:Hello

  Glenn McKnight:welcome all

  judith hellerstein:i still hear a slight echo

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):EEEEH!

  Glenn McKnight:noise stopped

  judith hellerstein:very strong noise and interference

  Glenn McKnight:adigo?

  judith hellerstein:might be

  Glenn McKnight:Welcome Seth

  Mario Aleman:Welcome to the call Seth

  judith hellerstein:glenn please mute as we hear an echo

  Glenn McKnight:muted

  Joly MacFie:better

  judith hellerstein:much better

  Glenn McKnight:Muted

  judith hellerstein:welcome Dev

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):Lots of interesting stuff Joly!

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):All quiet on the SF-Bay side for now

  Glenn McKnight:thanks  Joly,  please send me the list to put on the NARALO  event

  Glenn McKnight:Blockchain event proposed for  RIGHTSCON by the SIG

  Glenn McKnight:link Judith

  Joly MacFie:

  judith hellerstein:

  Silvia Vivanco:Thank you for sharing Judith and Joly

  Glenn McKnight:Do you have audio Matt,  i will ask you to speak about the Community Networking conference in New Mexico

  Matthew Rantanen:yes

  Glenn McKnight:Indigenous Connectivity Conference   in Santa Fe, New Mexico- Broadband conference   6,7 8 9

  Glenn McKnight:joly jump in when Matt finishes

  Glenn McKnight:i am muted

  Glenn McKnight:need link matt

  Heidi Ullrich:Thesse are all super events! Let's try to tweet and post info on these events (including photos and summaries) on the NARALO wiki.

  judith hellerstein:

  judith hellerstein:glenn please mute

  Silvia Vivanco:Plase if you have social media links share them with staff as well, we can retweet as Heidi  has offered

  Glenn McKnight:muted

  Glenn McKnight:its not me

  Glenn McKnight:thanks marita

  judith hellerstein:you have to mute each time as you have feedback on adigo

  Eve Edelson:congratulations to Capital FreeNet !

  Silvia Vivanco:NARALO has 250 $ left

  Silvia Vivanco:RALO discretionary funds wiki:

  Matthew Rantanen:Geoffrey Blackwell

  Matthew Rantanen:Indigenous

  Mario Aleman:Eduardo Diaz on Adigo, welcome Eduardo

  judith hellerstein:Geoffrey is from North America. Our other fellow, Ruben Hilare is from Latin America

  Glenn McKnight:welcome Eduardo

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):Oh there you are Leah

  Leah Symekher:sorry joing late..had schedule conflict. leah

  Silvia Vivanco:Global Indigenous :

  Silvia Vivanco:Welcome Eduardo!

  Glenn McKnight:muted

  Glenn McKnight:judith

  Glenn McKnight:judith proceed

  Glenn McKnight:Mario please post the rules

  Mario Aleman:ok

  Silvia Vivanco:NARALO ROPs WG:

  Glenn McKnight:thanks Mario

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):Please explain the voting process: is it one vote per ALS or per person.

  Silvia Vivanco:The final version is posted on the wiki page in PDF format

  Glenn McKnight:just a summary

  judith hellerstein:one vote per ALS

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):Thanks Judith

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):can you post the url

  judith hellerstein:the person who is the voting rep will get a ballot

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):yep

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):post the url

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):pls

  Silvia Vivanco:

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):TY

  Silvia Vivanco:url above

  Silvia Vivanco:the document is on top of the page in PDF format

  Silvia Vivanco:See:  NARALO's final ROP document PDF format

  Glenn McKnight:nice  green arrow

  Joly MacFie:We have a issue with alternates at ISOC-NY, since Avri is stepping down. I have to do some recruiting!

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):Who do we send the names of the alternates to?

  Glenn McKnight:secretariat and staff

  Silvia Vivanco:yes thanks Glenn

  Glenn McKnight:k

  judith hellerstein:Yes to the staff

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):thanks

  Alan Greenberg:That is the *ALAC* that makes the decision on who is the NomCom delegate.

  Glenn McKnight:I think  John meant to say  ALAC not NOMCOM under 4.4

  Alan Greenberg:Yes.

  Leah Symekher:Apologies, I  need to drop off Adigo...but I am on the call.  

  Seth Reiss:Provision 1.7; what other "documents governing NARALO operating rules" are there?  Could this be construed to include ALAC or ICANN documents?

  judith hellerstein:@seth yes it could

  Seth Reiss:I meant provision 2.7

  Glenn McKnight:Seth did you want to respond to your comment

  judith hellerstein:@javier sends his apologies

  Seth Reiss:Judith responded

  Glenn McKnight:@Judith  i am muted, please proceed with questions

  judith hellerstein:OK will do so

  Glenn McKnight:We need to make sure we are consistent on the voting period

  judith hellerstein:when we hav equestions.  I had answered Seth's question but will ask it again when John is done

  Glenn McKnight:Great

  Glenn McKnight:PDF was sent out to the community

  Silvia Vivanco:Vote 20- 27 October

  Silvia Vivanco:please check your inboxes to make sure you see your ballot

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):Just to clarify we are voting on the doc as is: comments have closed

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):thank you for the clarification!

  Silvia Vivanco:Thank you John and Judith, Alan and all who worked hard on the ROPs

  Glenn McKnight:muted

  John More:I agree with Alan.

  Alan Greenberg:Hand in error

  Glenn McKnight:ok

  Silvia Vivanco:well done NARALO !

  Silvia Vivanco:Once approved the newest rules approved will be posted on the NARALO Organizing document and the previous rules will be marked as "legacy"

  judith hellerstein:ISOC NY

  Alan Greenberg:Nothing stops an ICANN Board memeber from being and ALS rep if the ALS desires.

  Glenn McKnight:thanks  Silvia for the special travel provisions

  Glenn McKnight:@Alan, i think  Joly says they will replace her

  Alan Greenberg:We can extend the vote for more than 7 days if that helps ensure staff availability.

  John More:I understand it may be possible to announce the results of the vote in Abu Dhabi.

  Silvia Vivanco:ARIN 40 website:

  Matthew Rantanen:I have checked and haven't received a response yet

  Alan Greenberg:Sure. We do plan to have Internet connectivity there.  ;-)

  Silvia Vivanco:NARALO Crop proposal  for ARIN 40 is posted :

  Eve Edelson:Eve here, I am not using a mic today, it was a worthwhile experience for me

  Eve Edelson:It was my second ARIN meeting

  Eve Edelson:I find it valuable to be conscious of how ARIN works - I have visited their Reston HQ

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):I see Leah has dropped off the call

  Silvia Vivanco:Congratulations on your participation on ARIN 40 !

  Eve Edelson:I could write more but that sums it up!

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):Hmm, it says "ARIN 40  October 2017 in Costa Rica San Jose Report "

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):Think it should be San Jose, CA, USA

  Silvia Vivanco:Susannah typo corrected

  Silvia Vivanco:thanks

  judith hellerstein:Yes changed this in the agenda

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter)::)

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):Long drive for us from home to the other San Jose

  Mario Aleman:NARALO Hot Topics

  Silvia Vivanco::) Thanks for catching it Susannah

  Silvia Vivanco:I guess those zones affected by Hurricanes are very much in our minds

  Mario Aleman:ICANN Press release

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):Existing fellows can also apply

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):Sorry...I meant ICANN60 Fellows can also apply

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):oh's closed. Ignore.

  Glenn McKnight:nextgen is open

  Glenn McKnight:thanks Judith

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):Anyone young enough to apply for NextGen!? :p

  Glenn McKnight:limited

  Glenn McKnight:age

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):yeah, under 30 I think

  Silvia Vivanco:Thank you Judith for your great work!

  Matthew Rantanen:Will do.

  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter): Thanks for all your work and efforts Judith.

  Matthew Rantanen:Okay

  Eve Edelson:bye all

  Gordon Chillcott:Thanks and bye for now.

  Silvia Vivanco:Thank you ! Happy Thanksgiving celebrations

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