Yesim Nazlar:Welcome to the NARALO Rules of Procedures Working Committee Call on Monday, 16 January 2017 at 20:00 UTC

  Yesim Nazlar:Agenda:

  Silvia Vivanco:Hello all

  Silvia Vivanco:welcome

  Glenn McKnight:

  Glenn McKnight:Bonjour  Louis

  Louis Houle:Hello

  Silvia Vivanco:Operating Principles Review WIKI page:

  Silvia Vivanco:Welcome all

  judith hellerstein:I reminded john more that the call was starting

  Glenn McKnight:i did as well

  Glenn McKnight:Do you have his  cell number?

  Glenn McKnight:@judith did you send him a note

  Glenn McKnight:i mean text

  Yesim Nazlar:John More has joined us on the phone bridge

  Glenn McKnight:thanks  Yesim

  judith hellerstein:I sent him a skype note

  Louis Houle:Nope

  Louis Houle:Thanks Sylvia for the update.

  Silvia Vivanco:You are welcome Louis

  Louis Houle:Silvia... (sorry for the typo)

  Glenn McKnight:-membership criteria

  Glenn McKnight:-membership metrics and participation

  Glenn McKnight:-membership dispute process

  Glenn McKnight:-consensus rules-rough etc

  Glenn McKnight:-voting process- frequency etc

  Glenn McKnight:-one sec  Alan

  Louis Houle:@ John: great

  Glenn McKnight:I like what i am hearing

  Glenn McKnight:Membership for  ALS  is a  ALAC  issue   vs  the Unaffiliated Membership is a NARALO issue

  Glenn McKnight:fine distinction

  Silvia Vivanco:correct Glenn

  Glenn McKnight:Alan - suggest to identify the problems

  Glenn McKnight:#1  was the lack of clear process on warning and decertification

  judith hellerstein:I am as well since I have worked on this a lot with glenn

  Seth Reiss:I agree with John that the document needs an entire redraft; it needs to be better structured and organized; I agree with Alan that there are a few policy or substantive issues buried in the document that should be decided by the group rather than the drafter

  Seth Reiss:For example, why the the unaffilicated only get one vote; this is substantive

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks  Seth

  Glenn McKnight:yes  we had a request for  a  cctld operator  recently

  Glenn McKnight:to be unaffiliated

  Glenn McKnight:The rules should be consistent

  Glenn McKnight:one rule for all

  Seth Reiss:How about this.  John can redraft to structure and organize; and then we all highlight all the substantive issues hidden therein to be diuscussed and decided by consensus

  Seth Reiss:This is what Alan is talking about now

  Glenn McKnight:Question to Alan  from  glenn

  judith hellerstein:Thanks Alan. This is helpful

  Silvia Vivanco:MOU:

  Seth Reiss:You can include a clause in the revised principals that the docuemnt shoudl be construed to the extent possible consistent with the ByLaws and MOU

  Glenn McKnight:Seth  do you have a comment

  Glenn McKnight:@seth do you have  audio?

  Seth Reiss:I think I do, but typing helps me organize my thoughts and be clear

  Glenn McKnight:@seth  when you can speak up on your  points

  Glenn McKnight:@silvia   we will  share Judith and my early observations

  judith hellerstein:anyone can be a member of a working group

  Glenn McKnight:@seth please speak up

  Glenn McKnight:hard to hear

  judith hellerstein:i canhear him fine

  Silvia Vivanco:we cannot hear you Seth

  Glenn McKnight:better

  Louis Houle:I could here you

  Louis Houle:hear

  Yesim Nazlar:@Glenn: please don't forget to mute yourself when not speaking - we hear you typing

  Glenn McKnight:muted

  Yesim Nazlar:thanks so much!

  Glenn McKnight:i am trying to go back and forth

  Glenn McKnight:Louis can you chip in your  views

  Louis Houle:Sure

  Glenn McKnight:one sec  alan is it a response to Judith ?  

  Glenn McKnight:If not Louis is next

  Glenn McKnight:Louis  please proceed after  Alan

  Glenn McKnight:@silvia   please set up a doodle  focused on walking through the document

  Seth Reiss:Can John alert us once he has finished his draft?

  Silvia Vivanco:second week (8,9 10 February)

  Louis Houle:Bye everyone!

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