Gisella Gruber:Welcome to the NARALO Teleconference on Monday, 14 November 2016 at 20:00 UTC
  Gisella Gruber:Agenda:
  Wes Boudville:Is it accurate that India has almost entirely shifted to IPv6? I read this somewhere recently on the web.
  Eve Edelson:hello all
  Alfredo Calderon:Hi to all!
  Wes Boudville:Audio is fine on my end.
  Eve Edelson:I hear you, I was typing slowly - I don't know her plans yet
  Peter Knight:Audio fine here in Rio.
  Eve Edelson:That was pretty cool
  Peter Knight:Thanks, Glenn. The book in Portuguese is available on Amazon, Google books, etc. The English eBook is supposed to be out in ePub tomorrow and will be free, thanks to Google support for the translation.
  Javier RÚA-JOVET:hello to all
  Alfredo Calderon:Hello Javier.
  Peter Knight:Banda Larga no Brasil: passado, presente e futuro; Broadband in Brazil:  past, present and future. 23 authors, some names you will recognize. Earlier book in English and Portuguese 2014: Internet in Brazil: origins, strategy, development and governance.
  Peter Knight:Facebook page for Broadband in Brazil: Broadband in Brazil.
  Allan Skuce:Greetings.
  Gisella Gruber:Joly McFie has joined the call
  Javier RÚA-JOVET:And truly sorry to all for not making the NARALO meeting last week @ Hyderabad
  Eve Edelson:OK to announce our meeting?
  Eve Edelson:I'm not using audio -- SF Bay chapter has a meeting at the Electronic Frontier Foundation in SF, with a speaker on Shadow Regulation. On Wednesday.
  Eve Edelson:thx
  Alfredo Calderon:@Joly, send it to
  Eve Edelson:I believe just in person
  Javier RÚA-JOVET:my email is
  Eve Edelson:OK - thanks Joly!
  Joly MacFie:
  Eve Edelson:Thank you very much Joly
  Javier RÚA-JOVET:that picture is heavily photoshopped. I am not that thin or that happy in real life
  Evan Leibovitch:Not just me, Eduardo is in that photo too!
  Joly MacFie:I t would be nice to give some formal NARALO recognition to Darlene.
  Alain Espinosa:Where can I find list of Southern states? Just wondering, because I'm in Texas
  Evan Leibovitch:CES (heh)
  Alan Greenberg:I will likely be at IGF.
  Joly MacFie:From ISOC-NY Avri Doria and Shuli Hallak will go to IGF
  Evan Leibovitch:Was Toronto a GA or just a large showcase?
  Evan Leibovitch:There was also a large one at SF
  Peter Knight:Glenn: Short description of Broadband in Brazil (praise by 7 Braziian and international specialists, including Vint Cerf) This book brings together 23 specialists to analyze the current state of broadband Internet service in Brazil, public policies and regulations, challenges relating to expanding access, and case studies of entrepreneurship and both public-public and public-private partnerships to meet the challenges identified. The authors hope their contributions can help stimulate a needed debate on the strategic role of broadband in promoting Brazil’s technological, economic, and social progress.
  Gisella Gruber:William Cunningham has joined the call
  Peter Knight:Excellent presenation, Glenn
  Evan Leibovitch:Ah. I thought the last day was spent with peopke frrantically trying to trade in obsolete banknotes
  Joly MacFie:A11yNYC & A11y Chicago and ISOC-NY and ISOC DSNC are collaborating on a Beyond the Net funding application to implement define best practices in making accessible meetups. It is hoped that when the ISOC Chicago Chapter is rejuvenated it will join in.
  Glenn McKnight:ASO
  Glenn McKnight:
  Javier RÚA-JOVET:?Question? As ALAC, would I be funded to assist to the New Orleans meeting? Thxs
  William Cunningham:Any thoughts about this: DONALD TRUMP OPPOSES IANA ON INTERNET TRANSITION PLANS Read more at:
  Eve Edelson:yes
  Joly MacFie:William see  - I asked Sally if she thought Trump could claw back IANA. She said no.
  Javier RÚA-JOVET:Trump is a danger to all progressive action, including our multi stakeholder governance model.
  William Cunningham:Let's get the opinion of the group.
  Joly MacFie:What I will note is that it was a republican McDowell who led the charge for teh MSM at the WCIT.
  Javier RÚA-JOVET:sure! thx
  Javier RÚA-JOVET:Great!!
  Joly MacFie:ANd on this front they have been consistent in opposing top down regulation domestically as well as internationally.
  Joly MacFie:What is more concerning are trump plans for Internet off-switches.
  Javier RÚA-JOVET:knock on wood!!
  Eve Edelson:I keep typing and erasing - I'm still too much in shock, I think, about what's ahead.
  Wes Boudville:Doesn't China have Internet off switches ?
  Javier RÚA-JOVET:I'm also typing & erasing! Gotta be more careful.
  Joly MacFie:I also recommend viewing of today's Freedom on the Net launch
  Alfredo Calderon:The Freedom on the Net panel was interesting. The Report has great information.
  Javier RÚA-JOVET:Glenn thanks a lot for this call and presentations. Great updates, helps me catch up w/ all I missed @ the HB NARALO meet. Again Thxs Glenn, and also thx 4 all the great pictures of ICANN57.
  Seth Reiss:I have a phone number and email for Randy Glass if you need it. Email me.  I do not want to publish it here in case it is private.
  Alfredo Calderon:I agree with Joly suggestion.
  Javier RÚA-JOVET:i vote yes
  Seth Reiss:I agree as well
  Alan Greenberg:I have to leave now. Thanks all.
  Glenn McKnight 2:bye
  Javier RÚA-JOVET:bye!!
  Tom Lowenhaupt:bye all
  Gordon Chillcott:Bye for now
  Alfredo Calderon:Bye to all
  Allan Skuce:Bye

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