NARALO Monthly Teleconference 

Date: Monday, 11 September 2017

Time: 19:00-20:00 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)  

*** FR Interpretation will be available

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1(800)550-6865, Teleconference EN ID: 1638

                            Teleconference FR ID: 1838

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EN: Glenn McKnight, Alfredo Calderon, Eduardo Diaz, Eve Edelson, Susannah Gray, Leah Symerkher, Dustin Phillips, Marita Moll, Judith Hellerstein, Alan Greenberg, John Moore, Javier Rua Jovet, Evan Levobitch, Loris Taylor, Yubelsky Montalvo, Jolie McFie

FR: none

Apologies: Matthew Rantanen, Gordon Chillcott  

Staff: Claudia Ruiz, Heidi Ulrich, Silvia Vivanco, Mario Aleman 

Interpreters: Aurélie & Isabelle

Call Management: Mario Aleman

Summary Minutes:    

Action Items: EN

Recording:   ENFR

AC Chat: EN             

Transcript: EN, FR


1.0 Welcome and Roll call (3 min)

2.0  Action Items -  Silvia- (3 Minutes)

3.0. Community Announcements-Open  (5 minutes)   

Congrats  to Avri Doria, ICANN Board and  Marita Moll, cCNSO. See ICANN announcement 

October  call schedule - Canadian Thanksgiving on Mon. Oct 9th

 3.1 ALS/Unaffiliated Newcomers Call

4.0  NARALO News Update (10 minutes)

 Local Discretionary Funding Opportunity  RALO Requests for Funding to support an Outreach Activity

Report by Eduardo Diaz on ARIN ON THE ROAD Event 

Authorization  for  ISOC SFC

Balance $250

4.1  ICANN Fellowships for  ICANN 60

Alfredo Calderon.ISOC PR  Susanah Gray,  ISOC SFB Destiny  Tchéhouali  ISOC Quebec and   Matthew Rantanen  Native Media

4.2 Global Indigenous Fellowship-Judith (3 Minutes)

Introduction to Geoffrey  Blackwell

5.0 Update on community feedback and Discussion of new  Rules of Procedures 

5.1  Rules of Procedures Update - John More  (15 min) 

6.0    Outreach and Engagement

6.1 6.2  CROPP Trips to ARIN  October 2017 in San Jose (5 Minutes)

NARALO Trip Proposal 1  Approved for Yubelkys Montalvo  (HET)  

7.0  Nom-Com - Eduardo Diaz (3 minutes)

8.  NARALO  GA  ACTION ITEMS- Silvia  (2 minute)

NARALO General Assembly 2017 Action Items

9  Current ALAC Public Consultations - Alan Greenberg (4 minutes) 

    1. Statements approved by the ALAC
      • None 
    2. Statements in process: being drafted, in comment or in vote:
    3. Statements that seem to be stalled:
      • None
    4. Public Comment requests to which the ALAC decided not to submit Statements: 
      • None  
    5. New Public Comment requests to which the ALAC needs to make decisions: 
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