LACRALO Oganizing Committee Teleconference

Date: Monday,  04 November 2013

Time: 2100 UTC . For the time in various timezones click here

Meeting Number: AL.LAC/OC.1113/1

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Conference ID : 1638 EN / 1738 ES



ES:  Aida Noblia, Alberto Soto, Sylvia Herlein Leite, Carlos Dionisio Aguirre

EN: Olivier Crépin-Lelbond, Dev Anand Teelucksingh,

Apologies: Carlos Vera, Juan Manuel Rojas
Staff: Heidi Ullrich, Silvia Vivanco, Susie Johnson, Julia Charvolen

Dial outs: Aida Noblia, OCL, Alberto Soto

Interpreters: Veronica and Sabrina

Call management: Julia Charvolen

Action Items: LACRALO OC 2013.11.04 Action ItemsLACRALO OC 2013.11.04 Action Items ES

Chat:  LACRALO OC 2013.11.04 AC Chat

Recording: EN, ES

Interpretation: ES, EN

Transcript:  LACRALO OC 2013.11.04 EN, LACRALO OC 2013.11.04 ES


1. Roll call - staff

2.  Review of Action Items


Action Items:

1. LACRALO Booklet : Sylvia Herlein Leite and Dev Anand Teelucksinghto gather and collect the information by Nov 8th. COMPLETED

2. Susie Johnson and Silvia Vivanco to coordinate with Alberto Soto the payment to the dancers. Alberto Soto to send the invoice for dancers to Silvia Vivanco and Susie Johnson. Procedure to be followed, the same procedure with Key holders.[ON GOING]

3. Sylvia Herlein Leite  and Alberto Soto  to follow up with Rodrigo de la Parra  and Google (Sponsorhip). Depending on the response, Sylvia to ask all LACRALO ALses  if they would be  willing to fund the Showcase with a donation of $ 25.

 Additional issues


  • 1       Sylvia Herlein to confirm if NIC Argentina would like the logo posted on the LACRALO WIKI and website and confirm if a representative  will give a short speech

  1. 2.       Jose Arce to confirm if Google would like the logo posted on the LACRALO WIKI and the website as well as to confirm if a representative will give a short speech


3. Budget Review  and discussion on  possible  Sponsors:  NIC,  Google have confirmed sponsorship. Logos and representatives speech?. 

4. Catering update - Staff

5. Promotional Items update - Alberto Soto and Staff

6. Program - See LACRALO Buenos Aires Showcase

6.1  ALSes (presentation ) Roll call (for the ALSes present in person at the Showcase) and presentation of the LACRALO BOOKLET - Sylvia Herlein 

6.4. Dancing Performance - Option B selected - coordination with meeting team ongoing.

Proposal (Alberto Soto)


   t  7. AOB

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