LACRALO - Showcase Agenda

"An inclusive internet with active participation of the individual Internet users"

" Una internet inclusiva con la activa participacion de los usuarios individuales de internet"

     Date Monday, 18th November  2013

Time: 18:00-19:30 




Time (min)



Arrival of Delegates and Invited Guests with music, dance by (TBC) refreshments and entertainmentAll5  
Welcome Address by LACRALO ChairJose Arce5  

Opening Address by the Chair of ALAC and Introduction of the CEO

Olivier Crépin-LeBlond




Address from ICANN Board ChairmanSteve Crocker3  
Address from Board member selected by At-LargeSebastian Bachollet3 staff
Introductory Speakers

Natalia Enciso, ALAC member  

Carlton Samuels, ALAC member

5 min



Address from ICANN President and Chief Executive OfficerFadi Chehade7  

Presentation of LACRALO ALSes

LACRALO  Secretariat roll call to ALSes present and presentation of the LACRALO Booklet



Sylvia Herlein Leite and Dev Anand Teelucksingh

Wrap up  (if any)

LACRALO Chair and Secretary




Entertainment and Light Refreshments through 20:00  


Total Time






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  1. ¿Sería conveniente incluir no sólo el listado de ALSes sino además (tal vez), los principales proyectos en los que se está trabajando y aquellos en que se está trabajando de manera conjunta entre diferentes ALSes?

  2. Hello Leon,

    Well, the presentation of ALSes will be a roll-call of the ALSes present. To have each ALS (42 ALSes) present would be longer than the time allocated to the showcase. (wink) I am thinking we can ask ALSes to document their ALS and what they do and bring such material to the showcase for display on a tables for the persons getting refreshments after.




    1. Thanks you very much Dev. I agree with you that the time would be a constrain. I second the motion to invite the ALS to bring materials on their current projects and maybe encourage them to highlight those cases in which we can find cross-ALS participation. What do you think?

  3. Comment regarding the speakers:

    In terms of speakers, it was suggested during the call to have both Rodrigo De La Parra, ICANN VP for LAC and Albert Daniel, Stakeholder Engagement for the Caribbean. 
    However, thinking more about it and given this is a LACRALO showcase, I think we should have something in the showcase for Carlton Samuels and Natalia Enciso, who are stepping down as ALAC members after the ICANN meeting.
    It can be separate from the speakers, or Carlton and Natalia can speak instead of Rodrigo and Albert.