• Jose Arce to contact Ernesto Majo (LACNIC) for sponsorship 
  • Sylvia Herlein Leite to ask all LACRALO ALses if in case no Sponsor is found  if they would be  willing to fund the Showcase with a donation of $ 25. Dev's idea: 25 $ per ALSes to come up with the 500$ required.
  • Jose Arce  to ask Sylvia Herlein to ask funding from an Argentinean member of the  GAC (Olga Cavalli)
  • All members of the Organizing Committee to decide on Moderator.  Carlos Aguirre was volunteered as moderator
  •  OC to choose a Theme for the Showcase and send it to staff. Staff to sent emails inviting all the speakers.
  • Raul Bauer has offered a typical Argentinean dinner (asado) for 20 persons on Thursday 21st. If more than 20 ALSes attend the meeting the event will not take place.


Status of Sponsorship

NIC Argentina - no

ISOC - Sebastian Bellagamba - no



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