LACRALO Oganizing Committee Teleconference

Date: Monday, 21 October 2013

Time: 2100 UTC . For the time in various timezones click here

Meeting Number: AL.LAC/OC.1013/3

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Conference ID : 1638 EN / 1738 ES



ES: Aida Noblia, Marcelo Telez, Carlos Vera, Carlos Dionisio Aguirre, Jose Arce, Raul Bauer,  Juan Manuel Rojas, Alberto Soto

EN: Dev Anand Teelucksingh

Apologies: Olivier Crépin-Leblond, Leon Sanchez

Staff: Heidi Ullrich, Silvia Vivanco, Julia Charvolen

Interpreters: Veronica and Sabrina

Call management: Julia Charvolen

Action Items: LACRALO OC 2013.10.21 Action ItemsLACRALO OC 2013.10.21 Action Items ES

Chat:  LACRALO OC 2013.10.21 AC Chat

Recording: EN, ES

Interpretation: ES, EN

Transcript:  LACRALO OC 2013.10.21 EN, LACRALO OC 2013.10.21 ES


1. Roll call - staff

2.  Review of Action Items

3. Budget and discussion on  possible  Sponsors: LACNIC, NIC, Terra, Google, Yahoo Argentina? Update: Sylvia Herlein, Alberto Soto.

4. Catering - Staff

5. Promotional Items update - Alberto Soto and Staff

6. Program - See LACRALO Buenos Aires Showcase

6.1 - Moderator - TBD

6.2  Theme


             Alberto Soto:  “Más y mejores ALSs en nuestra región, para lograr una mayor integración del  usuario final de Internet” / EN: More and better ALS for our region to achieve a better participation of the final internet user


             Carlos Aguirre:  "Sharing the future of Internet"/ or "Building bridges in a big region, to reach a new world with one Internet" /or "Receiving world people to show our reality and share our concerns"


ES: " Compartiendo el futuro del Internet"/ o " Construyendo en un region grande para conseguir un nuevo mundo una sola Internet/ " Recibiendo gente del mundo para mostrar nuestra realidad y compartir nuestras preocupaciones

6.3  ALSes (powerpoint?) Sylvia and Dev to send a template to be filled by all ALSes

6.4. Dancing Performance - Options (depending on budget)- Alberto Soto and all

Proposal (Alberto Soto)



   t     Amount to be paid : 50% shall be paid 10 days before and the rest after the performance.

2.      Sound:  hotel sound equipment shall have availability USB and speakers

3.      Floor:  the dancers need to know the type of floor so that they can see what type of shoes to wear. They were at the Sheraton and they think the floor is not appropriate. If the Show is selected with “boleadoras”,  they need to know the floor.

4.       Place to change : They need a place where to change clothes immediately, this always impresses the audience

 5.       Price in Argentinean pesos (Exchange rate 5,9).


$a  2000 =339 u$s     = one couple  = 10 minutes  tango    +  10 minutes de folclore

$a  2500 = 424 u$d   =  one couple =  same as above but more sophisticated folclore de fantasía (malambo con bombos y boleadoras)

$a  4000 = 678 u$s    = 2 couples = same as above and some other dances (contrapuntos de malambo de cuchillo y espuelas y lanza)


7. AOB

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